These are the best games for tablet

Best games for tablet
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One of the reasons why we do with a tablet, in addition to enjoy audiovisual content both online and in the form of own videos, or be aware of what is happening in our social networks, it is to enjoy games of the moment.

The tablet is one of the existing platforms where you can enjoy games of all genres, have been able to move to other devices such as handheld seated. However, what reasons lead us to think that? So good are the games? We can take big surprises in this regard.

The tablet, the new platform to consider

The tablets are the perfect devices for access to all kinds of interactive content. They have the advantage that each year increase their performance and power, getting closer and closer to that of a traditional computer or console, but also have added using large screens and quality (compared to other devices). That is a compelling reason to use them as game center.

But perhaps the most powerful for gaming boom in tablets reason is the ease of use that pose in front of other devices: We can play with our fingers, without complex controls or drivers, and even with our gestures.

Press, drag, clip on the screen, rotate the fingers, move the tablet itself, shake … They are new ways that developers know how to exploit perfectly in app stores, which supply modern games all tablets on the market, because another point to consider is that a game for Android, in most cases, is compatible with virtually any tablet that platform.

Sagas of success: The tablet to traditional platforms

The tablets are the new technological trend when enjoy content and games, so it is not surprising that many games or sagas initially designed for this platform have achieved such success and graphic detail, who have been supported to give the jump to other platforms.

Games like Leo’s Fortune, Badland, and even Angry Birds, with includes- film appeared on the market as a priority in tablets and smartphones, or at least with the main market this platform. Gameplay, and platformer or strategy genre, ended up causing that are easily adaptable to other platforms such as PC and being thrown in popular stores like Steam.

Nostalgia, graphic adventures and unique forms of game

A classic genre too good when talking about games on a tablet, are undoubtedly the graphic adventures s and puzzle games. They are games in which a high degree of interaction is required by users to move characters, search for clues on stage and moving parts.

About 5 years ago, when tablets and smartphones began to emerge in the market, they appeared projects like ScummVM, an emulator of graphic adventures of the 90s So strong was the demand of users who searched replayed their favorite adventure games on a device mobile next generation studies even dared to launch versions adapted to this new generation “consoles”.

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The best representatives of the era gaming on tablets

Let’s take a good look for the best games who have applied and what it means to represent the new generation of touch games and adapted as versatile devices such as a tablet.

Saga The Room

The saga The Room game stands as one of the most representative of this generation of games totally interactive. Developed by Fireproof Games 3 games find truly immersive and exquisitely well – crafted puzzles.

Need to use our fingers, a lot of intuition, patience and powers of deduction to complete these sequences and detailed mysterious boxes, presented in a fully three – dimensional environment. We will have to open compartments, collect items, turn keys, and use special visions to discover secrets. It is certainly one of the sagas that best uses the touch concept.


Badland is one of the games that caused a sensation right out the light. We are facing a traditional game platform, in the strictest sense of the word, but his interest lies in the gameplay.

All movements of the characters will be based on physical the game itself and in the way we control them by touch. We’ll have to avoid hundreds of obstacles and get all the characters survive each phase of a really complex but addictive and fun. It is no wonder it is one of the most awarded games of recent years.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft has for years been successful mass in computers and consoles, so it is inevitable that there is a version also fully adapted to Android mobile devices like tablets.

In Minecraft: Pocket Edition limit is your imagination creates all sorts of buildings, cities and mechanisms, and survives the wild world of beings that inhabit it. All is adapted to enjoy it using the controls on your tablet. It is one of the most downloaded apps in the extensive catalog of games, something will be.

Saga Anomaly

The “Anomaly” saga is another of the most popular tablets both its developed world and its addictive gameplay. We are in games futuristic post-apocalyptic cut in which we must defend areas from attacks by troops and military vehicles.

This game genre is called “Tower Defense” and the Anomaly saga has managed to transfer the concept very well, so that even have Steam version for computers. Another addition is that these games have multiplayer features.

Leo’s Fortune

Other platforms in the list: Leo’s Fortune. In this case, we get into the skin of Leo; he wants to recover his stolen money all costs. This game also based gameplay in a physical system very successful and very successful graphics.

We will have to overcome all kinds of obstacles, reshape the body unique Leo, use items that can help us in our adventure. All with a very funny and endearing touch. It is another game that has subsequently seen an adapted version on Steam computers.


Now we stand to learn a peculiar game: Limbo. At this point, is a classic among indie games, and has plenty of merits to be. We speak of a platform game reduced to a minimum in which our ingenuity is the master controller of the game.

Only we have three basic controls: move, jump and grab. All we will in the skin of a child located in a dingy and dark universe that will be discussed between life or death at every step. It is one of the best games that are remembered in years.

Grim Fandango Remastered

The golden age of adventure games passed away a couple of decades ago, but left such dregs of nostalgia that many users have clamored that many of the peaks of the works was back, and so is: Grim Fandango , considered by many one of the best adventure games of history, returns better than ever and now reaches our tablet.

In this hilarious adventure will control Manny Calavera, a seller of travel for dead, who will be involved in a thousand and one problems, each more twisted. This 1998 adventure recommended back nearly two decades later in remastered with all the gameplay, settings and characters adapted to new times and new devices format.

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Monument Valley

A game that has managed to break the mold and make millions of users love him is Monument Valley. This title falls into the category of puzzles, its sleek design gives us some of the most beautiful sights ever seen on the screen of a tablet.

We’ll have to guide a silent princess through elaborate and labyrinthine phases buildings located in geometrically designed to fit perfectly so that the princess can continue their way placidly. Everything we do with our fingers. It is a highly recommendable experience.

Real Racing 3

There are many car racing games on Android, but Real Racing 3 is perhaps the most striking of all. We have a brutal graphical section, which surprised both friends and strangers and make us blink more than once.

On the other hand, this game has all kinds of real vehicles, worldwide known firms, which have to be modifying and acquiring to become the fastest of the track. Worth a try.

ZenPad Asus S 8, a tablet thinking to play

Knowing the good health that counts the world of video games on tablets, perhaps we should think seriously about ourselves with a device to match all existing catalog so you can make the most of interactive content.

The tablet ASUS ZenPad S 8 responds to this idea. Its screen is 8 inches and the thickness of the device does not exceed 6.6 mm. Performance is similar to a computer: a chip has 64-bit Intel Z3580 power 2.3GHz. The 8-inch screen has a resolution 2K.

They also help your RAM 4 GB capacity with 64 – bit Dual-Channel technology as well as the tactile response of 20 ms, and 802.11ac WiFi connectivity at 433 Mbps.

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