These are the questions you should ask yourself every day to feel good

Feel Good
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Have you ever stopped to think what the first thing we do in the morning is? Alarm sound, growl, mumble and very few persons want to get out from under the quilt. For laziness that gives rise we not have a prescription. But it happened to us a very productive thing we could do every morning (or at least some). Why not spend those minutes to have one little talk with ourselves? We propose the following self questions…

I’m fine?

For it is well to think it’s a phrase and it is well to postpone everything always procrastinate for the near eternal Monday. Stop smoking, take up the gym, lose or gain those kilos left over us or we lack … If we respond every day that no, we are not well, maybe it has come time to take action.

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What I can do to be happier with my work?

We all know that the labor market is not easy. But we often have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and … as we do not dare to take the plunge. Ask ourselves if there is something worse than spend forty hours a week (hopefully) something we do not like or even hurt us.

Do I spend enough time with people who make me happy?

I do not think we need to think too hard to know what people make us happy. Parents, siblings, friends, and family … Those people who leave us a smile that lasts for hours when we see them. And, why do we see so little? Why we not have time? Make no mistake … some time we have. That dead time we devote to fool around for Pinterest, hours of TV that we just do not like but distracts us and, well, if one night you have to sleep a little less because we have stayed up late chatting with a good friend … is welcome.

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Is this what you dreamed at twenty?

Someone may say that dreams are just that, dreams and that at twenty possibly we were a brainless. But perhaps we were happier. Or more innocent, I do not know. If at the time when you dreamed still awake, your ideal future was very different from your actual present … why not dedicate a thought to ponder what went wrong on the road?

What I can improve?

Change is disreputable. That is so; do not talk about change, but to improve. If we have not fill us in one or more of the issues that we discussed, let ‘s take the reinsget out from under the quilt (for too lazy to give) and take action (even afraid to give). That within a year we do not wake up wondering why we did before.

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