These are the sectors where start-ups could grow more in the future

Startup will grow in future
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Okay, we know how to choose the best employees, who work methodologies implemented, what are the most advanced technologies and we will give best results even know many success stories that can motivate us. Yes, all very nice, very inspiring, but now you have to have the idea to start your startup, right? In addition, the sectors in which current startups are acting to a greater extent (collaborative economy, buying and selling second – hand, home services …) seem quite saturated.

On the issue of the ideas, we cannot help you, but you can indicate which sectors we predict that will grow more are and will be more conducive to technological entrepreneurship in the future short and medium term. We do not have a crystal ball, but we would bet on horse (s) winner (s).


Everyone wants a drone, but this goes far beyond: the robots are going to go into all areas of our lives over the coming decades (see that we have not learned anything from ‘Terminator’ or ‘Matrix’).

Cybernetic Parts Replace Our Lost Limbs And Robotic Beings Will Even Our Partners…

We will from Rescuers robots robots pets through robot soldiers. Cybernetic parts replace our lost limbs and even robotic beings will be our love and / or sex partners.

Science fiction? You can, but it is a huge and still unexplored field, Amazon and metal wire XXI century and certainly something groundbreaking, useful or provocative (or all together) you can think of, that you turn on a light. We are deeply imaginative beings. There are no limits, never has been in our minds and each time there is less in the world.


The technology at the service of human health and quality of life: to improve, extend and make more comfortable that life (and even transcend life itself) using all the advances that technology is making our reach and those arriving.

The Selection Directed To The ‘Gattaca’ Is Not As Science Fiction As It May Seem…

The spectrum of fields where “stick his leg” is broad, from implantation (cyborgs are already among us) to nutrition or even genomics in its entirety, from the structural alignment of proteins to genetic prediction (selection directed to the ‘Gattaca’ is not as science fiction as it may seem) through genome sequencing or evolutionary study. In all bioinformatics it is essential and will remain in the future.

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Examples of startups that have made ​​their way on issues of biotechnology in recent years can be Soylent (yes, those powders which replace meals), Genome Compiler (Rich for all genome!) On the other hand, DNAnexus (the genome cloud). All very inspiring!

Virtual reality

Yes, virtual reality takes a long time feinting unfinished explode. It is the eternal promise. However, it may now be the final and finished exploding.

Just look at such interesting projects as the pioneer Oculus Rift (now owned by Facebook), the Samsung Gear VR, the highly anticipated Playstation VR Sony or Cardboard Project of Google (virtual reality for everyone from a few dollars) to prove …

In addition, if we get already in territories of augmented reality, we still have more shocking examples like Magic Leap or the coveted Hololens of Microsoft, what self – respecting geek does not want some?

Sure That This Is The Time To Start Developing Breakthrough Applications For These Devices (Virtual Reality) And Lead The Revolution…

Facebook, Google, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft … companies very (but very) powerful bet very strong for this sector. This time seems to be good. It has to be. Sure that this is the time to start developing breakthrough applications for these devices (or others coming) and lead the revolution. The range of possibilities is very wide … and yes, there is also room for what you’re thinking.

Virtual money

The Virtual Money Is An Obvious Boost Business…

Although there are scammers who have jeopardized his good name, the virtual money is an obvious boost business with Bitcoin as the most popular standard-bearer. There are already many startups in this world of Bitcoin, but areas of action are many (virtual exchange offices, purses and safer warehouses, improvements in encryption, infrastructure development, consulting, auditing …) that space to position is still quite broad.

The currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto is not the only virtual currency that exists and has a good future ahead, there are many who have followed the trail of Bitcoin and among them is litecoin, which seems more options have to prosper and generate business opportunities.

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Finally we could talk about the space race (which is here to stay) or the very fashionable 3D and print quasi -infinite as possibilities, but better down the feet to earth and walk away from land to outsiders may seem like science merely speculative – fiction.

Therefore, we come to the gamification that is neither more nor less, the use of game mechanics in environments and not recreational applications in order to enhance motivation, concentration, effort, loyalty and other common positive values ​​to all games.

The Gamification Is Increasingly Widespread And Increasingly More Companies Dedicated To Providing The Best Tools To Achieve It…

The gamification (anglicized widespread although there is the equivalent word: gamification) is increasingly widespread and increasingly more companies dedicated to providing the best tools to get to other companies, organizations or groups of people.

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