This is how too much sugar can affect your brain

sugar can affect your brain
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One more reason for limiting consumption of sugar in the diet, although more research is still needed in this area, it seems that a situation of prolonged hyperglycemia in time affect the hippocampus of the brain, the area responsible for learning and memory.

Diseases such as diabetes are related to risk of dementia and reduced hippocampus. The researchers, with the intention to see how it affects a high concentration of sugar in the body, have studied non-diabetic subjects and have also seen such high levels of glucose translate into worse on memory tests and modifying the area of the hippocampus.

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The brain is affected by high sugar intake

As they say, “we know almost nothing the functioning of our brain.” But gradually, researchers come to understand how diet and nutrients influence the structure and function of this vital organ.

The hippocampus is a very dense neuronal area related to memory and spatial orientation and it seems that too much sugar affects you negatively, similar ( relatively speaking), to as Alzheimer’s disease does: problems memory and disorientation.

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So that, research suggests that it is not strictly necessary for diabetes that our brain is affected. A state of hyperglycemia may similarly affect the function and structure of our brain, specifically the area of the hippocampus.

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