Three breaks for one painful breakup

Painful breakup
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Dedicate time, knowing and understanding the causes and avoid blame are basic pillars to recover.

We cannot avoid the pain of a break when we have to separate ourselves from someone who has been important in our lives, but if we can avoid recreate the drama and try not to stretch too much grief.

In addition, to not snoop on social networks … even on Spotify! We can do other things that will help us to prevent us sink into poverty.

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1 – Give up the idea of the hero and the villain, the bad and the good. Simply because the reasons for a breakup can almost always distributed to 50%. Both put something on your part (or did not put something) so that the relationship did not came to fruition. To overcome the bad times should not be placed not in the place of the bad guy but not at the site of the victim and the abandoned. We must assume that something did not work as a couple.

2 – Do not feel selfish to devote to you. When a relationship ends the impact of the break is higher if you are short self -esteem if you stop dragging pain. It is time to be selfish and dedicate yourself to you, flee and seek other friends and hobbies that help you feel better.

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3 – Seek the truth if you think you need something to know because maybe this point will help you understand the break. Sometimes you need explanations or at least understand what happened to turn the page and move on. If that is the case, you are looking for information that serves to close the case and not to reopen it again. Put a time limit because neither should you become a private detective. Just search (or question) what serves you to understand and stay compliant?

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