Three free luxuries you can afford in New York

New York
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New York can be a prohibitively expensive city but knowing how to, is also a city that offers exciting free activities. Today we tell you how to discover these three free luxuries you can afford in New York.

The great cultural and entertainment life that has this huge city, tremendously varied, and really expensive for the day, including some activities that are either free or cost very little money so here are our tips and tricks to enjoy it.

In New York Go to Museums!

The cultural offer in Manhattan is often extremely expensive. However, there are some things that can make you save some money without sacrificing all the museums and activities that house the city and consider of your interest.

Most museums are just expensive, but many of New York have a “suggested price“. This means you can pay what you want or what you can, that is, from nothing to hundreds of dollars, depending on your conscience, your economic possibilities, and will.

Some museums that follow this policy are the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (including The Cloisters), the Natural History Museum and some more.

Other museums are free simply and directly as the Museum of Fine Arts Bronx or New York Public Library.

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Finally, almost all museums are free at a given time (one day or a few hours).Just enter the museum website you want to visit and find the right time. For example, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is free on Friday afternoon and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Saturday afternoon.

Go to a Broadway musical saving rate!

Yes, we all know that Broadway musicals are expensive, but the quality of the shows makes it a show worth. In most sites and travel agencies, will offer tickets to attend such shows, the price will be around 100 dollars per person.

Theatre Development Fund is a non-profit organization offering tickets last minute for music that day with up to 50% off. Its offices are located in Times Square, South Street Seaport, and Downtown Brooklyn.

Although much lower cost, if you do it this way, you will get a good price but the web not allows you to choose which musical view. I am not very expert in music, but the two I’ve seen on Broadway left me with mouth open and everyone has earmarks of being spectacular. Even with this system you see one you had planned, these tickets at a bargain price, can be a low-cost way to be a gentleman luxury.

In Times Square and Broadway around usually, people reselling tickets at a good price you have been left over or not would enjoy. In the case of doubt, a stroll through the streets to see the billboard usually convince visitors about which program to choose between the classics like Les Miserables or An American in London and other more innovative.

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New York is full of free cultural events

Finally, New York is a very lively city with many cultural events. Many of them free and may incur the possibility of attending all kinds of concerts, or performance and opera performances, theater …

If you visit New York you can catch up on what’s happening in New York Magazine, where you will find updated information that will allow you to take advantage of everything this city has to offer, among other things many free programs.

New York may have some exorbitant prices, but knowing some tricks and approve offers, can not fail to enjoy the cultural and leisure life of this magical city. With these three free luxuries that can grant in New York, your visit to the Big Apple will be expanded with these offers to disputant and treat yourself for very little money.

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