Three obstacles that keep you from connecting with your customers

Connect with your customer
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Communicate effectively with those around us, both personally and professional, it may seem simple on paper, but get it done effectively is not always easy.

However, an effective communication is essential to the success of any business component. No company, which is established and known it, should resign in love with your message. Because it is heard is the first step on the path to be chosen.

Transmit is imperative. And in these conflicts, as in all those that come into play prejudices and feelings of people, it is not always easy to identify the failure point. However if you feel that “no connection” it might be a good idea to start at the beginning reviewing some aspects.

How far are you from your target audience?

Do you know where your customers are? Are you sure you are getting to all off them? Many times we are not able to find suitable places deploy our message.

Discover the routes followed by your customers, what web pages they visit and where they take their references is not easy. Sometimes surprised to discover that do not respond to your appeals simply do not know your message. Discover where they spend their time and therefore where you must place to be seen, nor is it immediately takes time.

In this sense, digital marketing tools that can contribute most are the social networks. But beware, not all appeal to the same audiences. You must first determine which network they are mostly customers. And then, try to understand why they use and when they connect. To have or not these data in hand can make a big difference. And you must always adapt your content not only to the peculiarities of each network, but each group of customers.

It is important that you plan how you measure any campaign, because otherwise you cannot improve. Assume that in this digital communication often have to work by the old method of trial and error. To find the content arrives, no choice but to be patient and experiment with messages, formats, audiences, layouts, bidding strategies…

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The last point: Networks are dynamic and require change and update. That takes work and never forgets that so unique that no change is expected from you a constant quality.

What emotions evoked your company?

Keep in mind that what your customers feel about your company depends not only communication you do get them, but their own image of it are made by adding all the planes in which, in one way or another, relate to you. And whatever they are, you cannot just change your communication strategy, however good it may be.

Overall, the most frequent problem is not dealing with negative emotions, but with no emotion. We deal every day with thousands of companies that we do not generate any emotion, which are “half and half”. We buy, but do not keep them one iota of allegiance.

To get loyal customers, we have to generate “tickle”. Contrary to what might seem, most buying decisions are not logical, but purely emotional. I recommend that you check what you would like to appeal in the minds of your customers and ask them openly what they really have in mind when they think of you. If they are online, super, still working as usual. But if there is gap, the only option is plan you redefine who you are and what you contribute.

With all this, it takes the utmost care all points of interaction with customers. Whether you’re big and have communication managers as if the only interaction with the client is in receipt of your facility, choose carefully everything about your brand because everything transmits all sends a message.

And above all, I know consistent. We hate the inconsistency, because it makes us uncomfortable. And do not buy uncomfortable. Keep your message consistent across the different lines of communication and products. While your customers are segmented and think that a line does not interact with each other, in this world everything is connected.

Sometimes we reached a certain level of inconsistency uncontrolled increase the number of places where we insert messages. Who all trades, as you should limit the number of places where embedded messages, choosing only the most profitable sites. Maybe you miss scope, but you deserve it.

The emotions that evoke you

The image of any company, no matter how great and many campaigns do is always affected by the preferences and beliefs of your best known executives. And you cannot escape the fact that the smaller the company, the more important becomes “the painting that has the boss.

As a business owner, you are their most important spokesman. You know that any of your decisions affect the public image of your company. Of course, personal, too and I’ll tell you what influences what the world says or thinks of you.

Try never seem distant. People connect businesses with their owners. And nobody likes the cool people. Be sure to project a personal image that complements to your company. And here perhaps the most powerful way to approach is to listen. You may not be able to respond personally to every request, but it helps your customers know you’ve seen.

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Chapter deserves the handling of complaints. It is true that that “a complaint is a gift.” Most people who are having problems or discomfort just leave. Someone who complains has an emotional investment in your brand to be answered. Always given due attention and the best response you are able to complaints. A claim is well resolved guarantee of eternal fidelity.

What to do to connect and gain relevance?

I propose some simple guidelines that will help you connect and also to gain relevance:

  1. Use tools to find out what is the most relevant content. Harnesses the power of Google is a great place to research and find ideas.
  1. Dive into the passions of your audience and create content around issues they care about and not to that interest you.
  1. Use simple and very visual materials. Strip the most popular formats: lists, tutorials, and computer graphics.
  1. Lean on the opinions of your customers. 90% of people rely on the recommendations in its known and increasingly those of other users.

The question to be relevant is to be remembered. Even if you’ve correctly chosen your target, if you get phenomenal and if you transmit it properly, you should seek survive on your retina.

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