Three signs that you are not ready for a relationship

Three signs that it is not ready
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This post is mainly dedicated to all women who at the moment are dating and do not know how to read the signals. In many of my post I said that the body language says more than words, I invite you to review some of them it will be a good lover? What we women look at choosing a mate?  Weird Stuff in relationships these are just three of the many post where I talk about body language.

These three signals that are not ready for a relationship are…

First, listen very well what he says. Many times we see a man both physically and draws us to the sense of sight sharpens us so that we lose the rest of the other senses, especially the ear.

Several women tell me that the first time you were with someone who then made ​​them much harm “only” had told them that were not ready for a serious relationship, but they knew that I said to say and surely after being a season changed her mind.

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Well, before this all I can say is that if you love taking risks in life go out with him, but if you do not want to waste time or you get hurt, my advice is that before that phrase go running. When a man says this, he says seriously, can you fall in love both of you that you do change your mind, but this will happen very rarely, so if you do not like to play heads or tails and do not want to waste your valuable time flees comments like: “I’m not ready for a serious relationship” “I’m very focused on my work, is my number one priority”, “I love to meet friends, have a lot” “I do not like serious relationships” … 

And if you think that when you have sex with him is to love deeply about you, sorry to say you’re wrong, sex is just sex for a man to be with you or with another woman, you will not reach your heart through it.

The second signal is body language, how you react. If you look very nervous, looking everywhere but at you when you speak, constantly aware of your mobile … that is, if present you there. If you feel uncomfortable is not very good sign, I would say do not waste time with that man. If that man looks at you, watching you, you exist only for him, are not looking at all sides then are a man worth.

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The third sign is how he talks about women, about their ex. If it just says that women only use it to get their money, to pay them dinners, if all your ex were the worst, just off bad energy of his mouth, not even waste your time with that kind of man because whatever you do you will think the same about you.

If a man is prepared to maintain a serious relationship will not hear those words from other men, it will look as wonderful in this life to take you to dinner, to take care of you financially, you will be watching over you at all times and from the beginning he will tell you what you’re looking for a relationship.

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