Three things that men look for in women

men look for in women
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Today I begin the week talking about an issue that came to me the other day in a friendly conversation. One of them is having a bad time in your relationship and another has no partner and is looking for, so we were commenting that women often do not know what men want, so my post today focuses on three things that men looking for women, because although it seems very simple in general terms is most important to them.

1 – Respect: This word is very general, so I’ll comment a bit, she likes a man is that values ​​what it does for you, there are many women who, with the passage of time left to see what their partners do for them and therefore cease to give thanks, it’s not that hard to thank and that magic word your man feel special, you will feel that you respect him, you see what you are doing yourself and that feeds them their pride alpha male. Take my advice and whenever your partner will prepare your breakfast coffee, help with the shopping bags, take you to dinner at a restaurant, you open the door, take you shopping … thank him, let him see you has happy with that word as magical and easy to say you do the happiest man in the world.

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2 – Men seek women, who know how to have fun, they are positive. This does not mean you have to be an irresponsible woman at all, but can be very responsible to the fun time. As for drinking alcohol I want to clarify that I have a friend who is very funny and when we left party does not drink alcohol but one thing has nothing to do with the other, often the terms are confused and some people think that if you go and no babies are boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. For a man you consider fun you have to be the woman who always or almost always, answer why not? This is the magic question. For example, if a man tells you, honey will you come with me to ride? Answers why not? Then when you get there you feel like you can ride or perhaps have a horse panic and want to try but your partner will have made ​​the effort to go there if only to accompany him. Do not be the typical woman before all the plans that your partner tries to always answer: I do not feel anything, my head hurts, I feel sick, not today… deletes all these excuses in your mind and is becoming more positive.

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3 – The third thing that men seek in a woman is than the typical cute girl who can only talk about shoes and bags brand, which has no conversation. They want a smart woman by his side, with this I am not saying that there are fixed on the outside, yes, it is the first thing a man looks, but what makes a man want to spend the rest of his life you is not your outside if not your head, you have it and how you have furnished. My advice is to never neglect your physical and do not do it for him, do it for you, to feel good and this will always keep your confidence up. It makes me very sad that when women have partners stop thinking about them and focus only on the man, never do that.

If you practice these three things can assure you that the search for a new partner will become easier and your relationship will be much better.

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