Three ways to eat in New York with recommendations to not spend a lot

Place to eat in New York
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Eating out in New York can seem overwhelming and complicated. There are so many options, so many places to go, so many ways to eat, while many possible prices, which is very understandable feeling a little lost. Today we will tell you three ways to eat in New York (with recommendations to not spend a lot), our tricks and tips for eating well in the city that never sleeps.

Whether you want to eat down the street in a food cart, as if you opt for a fast food restaurant or in a traditional restaurant, they may come in handy these tricks and tips for choosing the best quality food and yet without prices shoot you. Soon, you also talk about restaurants in New York to enjoy the cuisine from around the world.

Eating in New York – based street food

Street food stalls are very cheap, probably almost cheaper to buy the ingredients in a supermarket and prepare it at home. In fact, if you walk through a supermarket will probably be surprised how expensive it can get away make yourself a sandwich.

The food on offer in these positions is usually very tasty and always offers menus at very affordable rates. Do not be ashamed to eat sitting on the street or in a park, New Yorkers do it all the time. In many areas, you may find even public tables designed for that.

My special recommendation is “The Halal Guys” offers Middle Eastern food at very reasonable prices. If you always have, a lot of tail is about something. It is also a very good option if you are going to visit the MoMa, as there are several of these positions in the surrounding area.

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Fast-food restaurants

For most visitors to New York, fast food restaurants are still the cheapest option. Although they are slightly more expensive than street stalls, you can sit and at least have the feeling of eating in a restaurant. However, its operation is somewhat different from our idea of fast food.

For example, in some restaurants you can take some licenses would not do elsewhere in the world. An example is that you can bring your own drinks, not only will seem completely natural to them, if you will offer glasses do not have to drink it directly from the container.

My special recommendation is “Artichoke Pizza,” which despite maintaining the status of fast food, have enough healthy food. All ingredients (dough, tomato, cheese …) are hand made ​​from high quality products. Craftsmanship takes a little time, so there is that sometimes, even being fast food, will have to wait a bit.

Eating in New York in traditional restaurants

Restaurants in New York are quite expensive, and so are the drinks. However, there are still things you can do about it. One important thing is that the portions, in general, are much larger than an average person can eat in one sitting, so you can order a dish to share or ask to put you in a tupperware what is left over and take it home.

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The famous doggy bag or bag with leftovers “for the dog” is common and nobody sees it strange, quite the contrary, it is a completely normal practice in New York in addition to save a few bucks avoids the waste of food. In fact, this practice has become commonplace and everyone knows that the dog actually is yourself, or your traditional family.

If you want a restaurant with good food and good value for money, my special recommendation is “Darbar Restaurant” restaurant Indian food at affordable prices is also very appropriate to go eat when you are a large group, which can be a problem in Manhathan. It is located in the city center at the corner of 45th Avenue East with the 3rd.

There are many things to consider if you wish to eat out in New York, as the price, the time you have, the quality and variety of food that you want to try. In such a monstrous and huge city, these are good tips for eating out of these three ways of eating in New York.

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