Tips and advice for a long distance relationship

Long distance relationship
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Long distance relationships can be very intense and wonderful. At the same time, it poses some unique challenges that few can endure and tolerate, and here is some advice.

The biggest problem when you’re part of a long distance relationship is trust and it is common to be afraid that he or she betrays when you have the possibility to see each other often. It happens that when you say “I go out with friends” he/she is the victim of the worst thoughts. Same thing happens to women when in a long distance relationship he goes out with friends or worse goes dancing.

Rule number 1 – If you are not suitable for a long-distance relationship did not start it

If Othello than you is just jealous, long distance relationships are not for you. People too jealous, live incredible paranoia and throw themselves into thoughts which often crack the report. Handle a long distance relationship requires trust and a lot of maturity, if you do not have those two characteristics best left to lose. Not all are suitable for reports of this type.

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Rule number 2 – Learn to be present

If you also can not see you, nobody forbids being present in the other person’s life. Of course it’s not like seeing it live, but spending time talking on the telephone or by other means; it helps a lot to maintain a balance of long-distance relationship. You have to try not to miss anything in your relationship, so if one of them needs attention you do not disappear, but you must learn to be a pivotal point even at a distance. Obviously an email or a text message is not enough.

Rule number 3 – The distance sobering

If when you do not see, try to seduce all women or all men you meet, maybe it’s time to close this long-distance relationship. The distance is a good test to see if that person you miss or not.

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Rule number 4 – Get ready to travel

A long distance relationship involves many trips, round trip and often frequent. This is obviously an expense that not everyone wants to deal with, or worse is something that annoys a lot to some. In fact, not everyone likes to move or make too many kilometers to see a person. Know then, that when you start a long distance relationship, it also started to the motorways with the railways of the state.

If you are not ready to comply with all 4 points, perhaps you need to re-evaluate the situation often I suggest who begins an affair of this kind, to think well the pros and cons. The problem is that I often do not agree with them.

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