Tips for managing shopping addiction

Shopping Addiction
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The shopping addiction is one of the more casual issues with which we deal thousands of women in the world today. Buying is certainly a pleasure that we all enjoyed, but often do not know how to handle properly.

Today here in LifeStyleQA we will show some tips to keep in mind for you to continue doing all purchases more you feel hungry, but of course, considering the economy of your pocket.

Attention girls! Perhaps this is the right solution to solve our impulse purchases

Avoid credit cards

The credit card can be a great ally, but can also become an important enemy if they fall into the hands of a Shopaholic. Why? Quite simply, the credit can afford to buy you anything you want now, but do not provide the money needed to pay the bills that will come later. Thus, it is best not to fall into temptation and eliminate all credit cards in your wallet there.

What is the solution I found? A debit card, they are very simple to operate, and most important of all; they are limited to background. You can buy anything you want with them, and in the blink of an eye will be debited from your card, without having to pay tedious accounts after they made ​​the purchase. Month can put a certain amount of money with which you know you can count, and waste no fault. That is easy!

Know your intentions

If the reason why you decided to make purchases are holiday gifts, buy clothes and items for personal gain is not a valid excuse. It is best to find appropriate gifts for our friends and family, and away from the shops, and thus also of the temptations.


It is important to make full monitoring prices of garments and items we buy. Many times, we buy and we were the first thing that comes across when perhaps in the next store also the same a little recessed garment was.

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The best choice is to first take a tour of all the shops. If I know with great patience and tranquility without anxiety about spending the first thing that we like and with much control over the money. Then we can decide where to invest our money buying the item the more we liked it.

Think before you buy

It is essential to think before delivering the money. Many times, we can be tempted to buy clothes that really do not need, and indeed would not use very often. The solution? Ask yourself if you really would use the item, you plan to buy. If you see that too often turn around is simple, it restored the pledge, and go your way. You not really needed it and it was just a whim.

Always use cash

This is undoubtedly one of my most effective solutions; – “If I have money I buy if I have no money, I do not buy” – The credit card often is the perfect excuse to make a purchase perhaps not as necessary. While we forget that after you pay such a purchase not knowing and if we are to be tucked into a different debt.

Specifically using the money, no way to get into debt with no store, and anyway we can continue to enjoy shopping that we like and make us happy. Controlled, of course…

Take advantage of discounts

The sales are always a good option to relieve anxiety purchases, buying items at half price, or at least with significant discounts. Always keep in mind the dates of the sale to know when to go to the shops, and not bad to spend a larger sum of money by going a few days earlier.

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Beware of vendors

In addition, we all know that each store selling what they really want is to sell, regardless of any other factor related. Many times, it may happen that you recommend a garment that does not really favor you and convince you to buy something that really would be a waste of time. The best in these cases to trust your instincts, and forget the recommendations that vendors can provide.

Ready! Implements these few tips and see how magically your economy will improve very quickly. The best of all? It is that they are not very difficult to make tips; you just need a little will and patience.

Cheer up! Saving is not as difficult as it seems…

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