Tips for managing the online reputation of your business

Reputation Management
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To begin, what is the online reputation? In short, it is a reflection of prestige of a brand or person on the Internet. Opinions, both positive and negative by a client, are now easier to pour into blogs, social networks, forums…

The content generated by the user or client on the Internet is synonymous with care and can be alerted to online context where our audience is moved. Recall that reputation is one of the most important assets for our company.

Tips to improve our reputation online

  • Listen

Although SMEs were always attributed to neglect this aspect, knowing what customers are saying about your business is crucial for business image. Positive or negative, it must be monitored and then answer or solve the conflict. “They talk about me even if its bad,” is not our goal.

If customers talk bad, any anger or rejection towards our company, it is our duty to resolve the problem (common sense right?). We must leave behind those numbers that put first big business as the only concerned with active listening on the Internet.

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  • Offline and online worlds go hand in hand

We must create a business strategy that relies on action, both online and offline. Consider that any event which is outside the network should impact the Internet. Only then there will be a consistency in our corporate objectives.

Customers are on both sides, and need first-hand information. Answer any questions from us before that through another channel that is not transparent and accurate with any issue at that time our business has as its protagonist.

  • Attract followers is not the mission. The mission is to provide what they want

Getting as many followers of our Facebook page or Twitter account is long gone. The really interesting and effective part of Facebook is knowing what you’re talking with your actual customers. Or rather, what is trending on the network. Adjust our content or advertising by sharing main topic among our customers is way more beneficial rather than being obsessed with having more than 1,000 followers.

Find out who the influential client, that ‘creeps’ on others with their opinions, it’s important. And a good tool to solve these verbal “bombs” in the form of comments trying (rightly or wrongly) to trample the prestige of a mark. Take some time to listen and resolve the conflict facts. That ‘enemy’ can become our best ambassador.

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  • Personal profiles of workers, double-edged swords

After work, everyone has their space and also in the network, of course, some employees enjoy being visable among customers, their views should be thought out before writing a tweet, for example.

Many large companies opt for anything goes, but there are various cases where an unfortunate opinion has spread like wildfire among customers to associate with the brand they consume or the image they have of a company.

This issue concerns may not SMEs but, in any case, escape the controversy is easy. Or have more than from management wants it known to the company, are examples.

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