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Saving at home
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The so-called domestic economy is undoubtedly the most important investment and to which is more difficult to spare no expense. However, if we reach the end of a little looser month or if we save some money for extra spending, there are some simple and practical tips that we can incorporate into our daily routine.

Budget planner

Undoubtedly, success all aim always based on proper planning. If you want to save money, the first thing you have to do is decide how much you want to spend and the more effective it is to plan expenditures by budget planner that we create ourselves using a spreadsheet. The first step is to see where we spend money to decide where you can cut costs

Shopping Cart

The less we organize our list of shopping, spend more money. First we have to leave a taped to the refrigerator or create a list on your smartphone. Classical reflection over … “I do not forget to stop by the supermarket by …” On the other hand, it is essential to decide a weekly menu that fits our budget and create a list based on that menu. Not only will serve to control spending but also for a healthy diet.

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Save energy

This is the great workhorse. Saving energy forces us to change our habits, which usually is more complicated than we think, especially in the long term. All change begins with ourselves, so the most important thing is made ​​aware of the importance of the goals we have set. To save energy in the home you will have to pay special attention to the following points:

  • Substitute (when founded) incandescent bulbs with LED and make sure to turn off the light when we leave a room.
  • Be careful with leaving appliances on stand-by as they can continue to consume energy.
  • Having energy efficient appliances.
  • Keep the freezer always full because it consumes more energy the more empty it is.

If you can do it, do it

This is our favorite advice, not only for its effectiveness, but also because it helps us to learn new things and become more involved in our work. The highly consumerist society in which we live creates needs that are not there with the intention of selling products, often unnecessary. There are millions of things we can do ourselves without resorting to credit card: arrange clothes and even make new clothes or decorative items such as cushions and curtains, preparing a birthday cake, arrange outlets or appliances, canning…

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Save time

For many people the big problem is not to save money but save time. A stressful occupation or the many chores to which we face, often do not leave us time for ourselves. It is important save in the electric power consumption but also in the very energy we spend. If we plan our budget we must also pacification our time and reserve a few hours to rest and unwind. There are many ways to find free time at home, the Internet offers many alternatives. A good solution is to use online services that help us to unburden the heavy household chores such as food service or home dye.

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