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In LifeStyleQA we always want you to have the best tips tricks to look spectacularly beautiful, so now we will focus on hair and see how we can get a little shine.

The truth is that there are several tricks to make the hair shine and to actually recover the natural luster and although we can get all kinds of beauty products, we must say that we ourselves can apply homemade products, but first we have to know why the hair has stopped shining.

Reasons why we lose luster in our hair:

  • Basically, the main problem that stops shining hair would be in power because if we do not eat the necessary vitamins we will realize how our scalp suffers and begins to lose brightness of hair.
  • To remedy this problem with the power and affect the appearance of your hair it is best to eat a lot more vegetables than usual and especially to drink plenty of water.
  • Another reason would be failure to wash you hair or not to using conditioner that makes hair recover in moisture  and thus keep the natural shine.

On the other hand we have natural tricks that I have mentioned before and those who would be some who can get applied to the hair with products that all have at home or can easily get.

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Tricks to make hair shine:

  • If you want your hair shiner and softer, one of the best remedies that out there is to apply apple cider vinegar on your hair. Apply a little after washing your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes. After this time you remove it with warm water and see how the result is spectacular.
  • On the other hand, you can take again the apple cider vinegar and place it in a bottle with a stinging nettle leaves. Let this mixture stand for two weeks and when passing these days, strain the vinegar to have taken all the astringent essence of nettles. Let stand this 0ther vinegar for two weeks and then we’ll have a product that you can apply before you the last rinse water when you wash your hair.
  • It is said that both yogurt as mayonnaise that hair will regain the brightness. This requires that you apply it after washing your head and let it stands for 20 minutes and then I rinse with cold water.
  • You can also choose to beat one egg yolk with a splash of olive oil and you get a mask that you have to put on and leave on for several minutes after wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

Care for healthy hair

Make hair shine is something we will link to the health of our hair is that although we do not enough, this is also due care. Let’s look at some tips to keep in mind when caring our hair to enjoy a healthy hair:

All very gently

It is important to wash, dry them and comb your hair gently and with the right products. Use a fine-tooth comb, for example, it is perfect for easily spoil a curly hair, so do shampoos and hair masks. Each type has a specific hair shampoo and a mask, so we must choose the best for our hair type.

Remember that the hair should be washed with hot water to make it perfectly clean water, but must use warm water when removing the soap, because the hot water makes it more complicated. Also, if you use conditioner or mask, the same products indicate that you should clarify them with warm water and never with hot water.

Short hair and sanitation tips

Cutting the tips are something you should bear in mind is that is most necessary in order to have healthy hair. This is not to cut all the hair or cut much, but you just have to cut the tips to make this grow stronger and healthier.

Outside dandruff

If you have dandruff, you should remedy is that dandruff is something that is very bad and also makes you feel most uncomfortable. You should look for a suitable place to end it and find ways to keep it free hair shampoo. The stylist or dermatologist can give you a right for you shampoo.

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Softens hair

Masks and conditioners are the most important for the hair is soft and this makes them less break when combing. You must wear a mask at least once a week and apply conditioner every time you wash.

Beware dyes and wicks

If you do you have dye or highlights, you know that your hair is very dry with these products, so you’ll have to be careful when treating your hair in this regard. There are suitable products for hairs dyed or highlighted and you use them to give you the extra contribution of softness that your hair needs.

Go easy on the collected

If you wear long hair and you have fine, you should be very careful with those collected since gums hair and other accessories you can use what can ruin a lot. Always look for supplements and gums are not too narrow and do not have anything that can break the hair.

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