Tips for visiting Paris for little money

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Millions of people around the world visit Paris every year, and this means that tourism leaves million to the economy of the city. However, we do not need to spend much money to visit the City of Light. The following tips and tricks will serve to meet Paris with little money, but still visit all that really worth seeing.

1) Get yourself a pass for the subway or Paris Visit card: Besides being economical guarantee access to emblematic sights of the city such as the Basilica.

2) Sacre Coeur is perfect as a scenic site: Not only has the Eiffel Tower guaranteed a very good panoramic view of Paris. In addition to that entry is costly and there are long lines for access, Sacre Coeur is the best choice.

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3) Travel in low season: Spring and summer are the seasons most tourists used to visit Paris. If you have the willingness to go there in late winter or autumn, you can save a lot of money and enjoy most attractions are indoors or in enclosed spaces such as museums, restaurants and shops for shopping.

4) Take out a Paris Pass: This allows many travelers spend less money and spend less time queuing to enter interesting sites. This system is ideal if you are going to stay in Paris for more than three days. You can have free access to over sixty museums, art galleries, monuments and other attractions. The package includes underground passage, an extensive guide and the possibility of multiple entries, without queuing, several sites of the City of Light.

5) Go to food markets: An economic and palatable way is to shop for a picnic at one of the outdoor markets is in Paris. It is considered one of the best experiences so fresh and varied products and because, although not all will be cheap, some of the meals that will get you save money without sacrificing in terms of quality.

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6) Search cheap neighborhoods: Usually they are concentrating artists and students generally spend little on leases or stay in small hotels or inns that are on par with their income, needless to warn that it is not about money sacrificing safety or hygiene.

7) Other savings: If you use the meter can cover the entire city and its displacement will not be expensive. Also be measured with tips, what is customary is left between fifteen or 18 percent tip in relation to the total value of the dish you ordered. There are many free attractions as different Louvre museums and hundreds of buildings of great historical value.

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