Tips that can help lift heavier!

Lift heavier!
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When it comes to increasing our strength, not only about training routines and plan for it, although this is most important, but also influences how we perform each of the uprisings in our training.

Some time ago we told you about the importance of breathing to apply maximum force in the various uprisings, today we will try to give you some tips that can help you to lift heavier and with less risk.

Concentrate to be stronger

Concentration is essential in any sphere of life, but when it comes to apply maximum force possible, even more. Not the same make a heavy squat by tightening the torso, that leaving it totally straight. Some tips to consider are…

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Take a breath before making the survey: Whatever the uprising, thinking of a power lifter, bench press, squat or deadlift, it is important take all possible air to generate a compact shield with the body. In addition, in the case of bench press, it will help us nail over the shoulder blades in the bank and generate a much stronger basis of support.

Enduring the air full repetition or release very slowly: It is useless to exhale the air in the concentric phase altogether, since, in this way, we compartmentalizes and we will do our backbone is completely depredation, so it is important to perform maneuver or failing that very slowly exhale once we exceeded our point of stagnation in the movement.

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Put ourselves properly before you start the survey: Squat and bench press, greatly influences how we place before running each lift, so it is important to create a small protocol prior initiation uprising to automate and whenever we make that movement, we do the same way to further progress without difficulty.

Think you can raise it: If it is true that often do not have strength and we must not risk, at other times we have enough strength but the lifting does not occur, and is usually due to the refusal to lift that weight on our part, it is say, we have confidence in ourselves. Oddly enough, if we believe that we will not lift that weight, but we have the strength, we do not get up.

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