Tips to avoid motion sickness when traveling by car

avoid motion sickness
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Within a few days hundreds of thousands of cars are cast them to the way of that road chosen destination to spend Easter. For many will be a mere formality (devour kilometers) but others will face a dreaded bad: dizziness.

For them, it is know to be overcome dizziness, nausea and vomiting caused by displacement. If you are traveling with kids, you will know because the kids are very prone to these symptoms, but also the elderly.

How to fight motion sickness when traveling by car?

Why dizziness occur?

Everything has a reason. Dizziness has a name: motion sickness and consists of a sense of deep discomfort, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

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The cause is one and excessive stimulant the vestibular apparatus, which is located in the inner ear and is part of the organ of balance. It is not a disease but hypersensitivity, i.e. there are people who have a special sensitivity to stimuli in motion such as changes of pace, sudden stops, swings or swings.

We must not forget the psychological factor. Many travelers just think about making a shift in car or boat, and anticipate their discomfort and overwhelmed. This, of course, only makes them more likely to suffer from dizziness.

So far, it has not found any medical explanation that determines why some people are more prone to motion sickness than others are. Fortunately, on the market pills and patches that help mitigate these discomforts. When we came out with kids (or yourself), who has not thrown a hand of Dramamine pills, “just in case”?

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Some advices

  1. It is always better to travel in the front of the car. There it moves less.
  2. Drink water frequently. It is better to be always well hydrated, especially when you feel dizzy.
  3. Ventilates the car often,closure or strong smells like the snuff, or heat and closed environment, does not help.
  4. Leave the book, tablet, mobile phone or game console closed. Fixate on something inside the moving car will fall fatal.
  5. Try to lie down, keeping the head and eyes fixed on a distant point. The best posture is to be well supported with your head.
  6. Control your head. I do not mean physically, but thought that only controls those hassled you thinking, “Now I’m going to be sick” “I’m going to throw up, sure!” You will get the opposite effect and you may be suffering. Get busy with something fun and entertaining: talk with your fellow travelers, make plans for the next few days, listening to music, invents a game.
  7. Do not make sudden movements; you better try to remain still during the journey and especially in the sections with more curves.
  8. For safety and if there is someone in the car suffered dizziness, you should do even more in these cases, regular stops every couple of hours at most. Out of the car, stretch your legs breathe fresh air. If possible in remote sites or gas stations on the road to avoid strong odor of smoke or fuel.
  9. Drive smoothly and avoid, if possible, roads with sharp curves. Tell your husband, sister, parent or colleague who remember it is not a race and you are there by passing fatal.
  10. If you still feel dizzy, do deep breathing to help you fight so bothersome symptoms such as nausea. In addition, if not, lay hold of that little pill that you carry in your handbag. Every little bit helps.

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