Tips to be more productive

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There is a saying that it leaves no time to express how important and in our daily lives, we see that is completely true.

There are always unforeseen events that require us to reorganize and set aside what we had expected and forcing us to postpone pick up afterwards.

Yet despite everything, a little organization will help us to better deal with unforeseen events that do not affect us both our productivity.

Improve your productivity

  • Each task the time

As a rule, avoid the most critical tasks that require more concentration when you are more tired because it can directly influence your results.

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  • Controls the time

The daily tasks cannot go refundable should know how much you take, so you know how long you spend on each task and be more effective in implementation.

  • Homogenized tasks

Take advantage of similar tasks to execute at the same time, we will organize better; self reduce runtime and need less concentration so your task better.

  • Set goals

Daily, weekly, monthly, etc., of this form will establish completion dates, you can measure your progress and your productivity when you reach the reach and if you analyze why.

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  • Uses third

Have the cooperation of others will decrease your stress, which will improve your performance, and also lets you see other points sight of what enrich you.

The important thing to be productive is to achieve a balance that will improve our wellbeing and enable us to better perform our performance. If not achieved, dissatisfaction will force us to reduce our performance creating a vicious circle.

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