Tips to feel sure of yourself in the pool

Pool swimwear
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I would think that the idea of being in calzones in front of strangers or even in front of whom we know it is one of the most stressful situations for most women. So what do you do if you’re invited to an activity around the pool? Here I share some tips that will serve to choose the swimsuit or outfit more appropriate to make you feel surer of yourself at times like this.

Let’s start with the tones that make you feel comfortable

The easiest way to know what the colors that you feel most comfortable are is to start by opening your closet. What colors do you see? Check out your closet and see what colors and shades are repeated in the clothes you already have. Make a list of the colors and remember to take it with you when shopping if this were necessary.

Look at the color of your hair, skin and eyes

If when you get to the store to buy a swimsuit most colors are fired or even neon and do not know what to do, look at the color of your hair, skin and eyes; looking for a color or combination of colors that repeat your natural coloring or at least not opaque.

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It reflects your personality

Since you have an idea of what the colors you want look for them in an interesting pattern as a pattern of animal, floral or tropical. Consider the pattern for your swimsuit and / or bathrobe if you like different or flashy stuff, if you’re more conservative you could choose both pieces in solid colors. When you wear something that reflects your personality, you feel more comfortable and reflect it in the way you act.

Do not forget accessories

Accessories are all those extras to complete your look. Sunglasses, beach bag, bathrobe, jewelry and shoes. Make sure that all parts have something in common so that your outfit is in total harmony.

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What do you get if you do not want to be in a swimsuit?

If you prefer not to wear a swimsuit but want to look appropriate for the occasion, there are several options for you. You could wear a dress in a floral or lines that get you knee or ankle print. Another option would wear a long blouse or tunic in a fresh cloth with a pair of white jeans or linen pants. Cooler and appropriate for an occasion like this are cotton, linen and silk fabrics from India.

Accessories needed

The most suitable to be near the pool accessories is a hat, a scarf very light or sandals. You cannot forget your sun glasses! Take your glasses to give a modern touch to your outfits; you could pick out a few flyers or lenses having the frame in a color that complements you.

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