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Constantly we hear about the importance of wearing a style better and healthy life, but do not know how to do and know the reasons to do so.

To achieve a healthy lifestyle, you need to consider health in a comprehensive way, as this will enjoy a fuller life. Here are some patterns of behavior and health tips that will help provide a better quality to our existence are presented.

1. Live an active life

A sedentary lifestyle only brings problems to our body. Seek ways to perform exercises at home or play sports beyond. If this is not possible, take a walk at least half an hour a day, remember that your heart is a muscle that needs exercise to stay healthy, like the other muscles in your body.

Exercise, especially aerobic, help you stay healthy, strong, lose weight, prevent disease and reduce stress.

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2. Care food

This is not to become obsessed with the subject and get to count calories all day, but have the conscience to choose the best of food and thus enjoy proper health.

Seek ways to eat a balanced diet that does not neglect any food necessary for your body; i.e. including vegetables, fruits, poultry, vegetables, fiber and plenty of fluids.

3. Reduce intake of saturated fats

At this point it must be clear that we should not eliminate saturated fats, but to control their consumption (should not be consumed every day).

4. Comer more fruits and vegetables

We all know the benefits of fruits and vegetables and how healthy they are. They provide a number of vitamins and minerals, and fiber that is ideal for maintaining normal digestion.

5. No smoking

The snuff is the cause of death most preventable. Smoking can cause heart attacks, stroke, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer, larynx, mouth, esophagus, bladder and pancreas, among others.

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6. Maintaining a healthy weight

Being overweight is a serious health problem for many people because it increases the risk of developing serious diseases, including heart, stroke, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.

Low weight, on the other hand, is directly related to heart problems, low resistance to infections, chronic fatigue, anemia, depression and other illnesses.

These diseases are preventable if a balanced diet is carried, the weight is controlled and a normal and balanced level remains the same. To do this, it is best to change habits, including eating and physical activity.

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