Tips to not neglect your business holiday

Not neglect your business
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Follow these tips to help you manage your business while you get rid of stress…

For many entrepreneurs, the word holiday is not in the vocabulary. This is because, especially in the first months, the business requires all his time and attention. However, this season that most people fail to make accelerated large cities may be the ideal time to not only beat relax, but also to clarify your mind and return to work with more energy. If you are entrepreneurs who decide to take this season to take a well deserved holiday, probably one of your main concerns is that even when you’re away, you do not want (or can) neglect your business. Therefore, here are some tips to help you keep up with what is happening in your business while you are free from stress. Take note…

Previous aspects to consider

Plan your human resources

During this time it is common for your employees have a few days off or have unexpected absences. If your business requires someone who is always present, make a plan weeks before guards or replacements, which can be freelance. Gather your team to define who is going to ask for vacation and who has the ability and knowledge to replace your place. It is important to know the dates of absence to define the tasks to be done before they leave. Avoid planning the massive flight of employees can seriously affect your business, and on the other hand, the motivation of the staff.

Learn to delegate

A common attitude among entrepreneurs is the belief that they must do everything so that things go well. However, one of the qualities of leaders is that they know who may be deposited in certain tasks, same that will meet the same (or even more) effectiveness with which you would. Be especially careful when choosing these people. Remember that, besides being your absolute trust, must be able to carry out the tasks assigned for them. So you can really relax on your vacation, you have to be sure that your business is left safe.

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Stay Connected

Thanks to technology, you can stay connected, anywhere. Many gadgets and online tools allow you to be aware of what is happening in your business. You must give your computer (preferably only who is left in charge) the assurance that if things go wrong they can contact you and say to them promptly. Try not to spend all his time to the slope of the cell; better define certain times to check your mail or to make calls or video conferencing. This will make the time you use to relax or enjoy with your family or friends are quality.

The best gadgets and tools

Here is a list of devices and necessary to run efficient mobile office programs, no matter where you are:

Smartphone with internet

Undoubtedly, the basic number one, with a good smartphone you can access your e-mails, and instant messaging services and personal messages. Also with it, you can always be connected and aware of your business. Make sure you have a good plan and, if you are going abroad, plan to hire an internet telephony and cost-saving. However, you can use applications as well.


While your smartphone you can take several straits, these gadgets will facilitate navigability and management of your business. They are much lighter than a laptop and you can carry with you anywhere and use anywhere, even on the plane. With a tablet, you can also take photos and videos as well as video conferencing to more dynamic your business logistics. You can also load software and CRM or inventory control, excellent applications for your finances and even have an instant translator.

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Seize the Cloud Computing

Through various platforms that allow you to work in the cloud, such as Office 365, Dropbox or Google Docs, you can access all your files and documents whenever you want. In addition, through these programs you can have direct contact with your team as well as with customers and suppliers. With other services, you can access all the information, and even computers, for your business. It is easy to download and use.

Remember that stress can be one of your worst enemies and to work tirelessly in the end it will be bad for you, your health and your company. Therefore, you should use this time to relax and forget, even for a moment, of your duties and problems. Spend quality days with family and friends and do things that you really like.

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