Top 10 most romantic cities in Europe

Most romantic cities in Europe
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Sand about Valentine, do you think some romantic idea to surprise your partner? But something beyond the typical hearts lollipops, chocolates, cakes, flowers, dinners, spas and assorted pastries. What if you do get away? A surprise trip is something that everyone would like one day, so … there’s still time! If you have not chosen destination here we offer the 10 most romantic cities in Europe.

  1. Paris

The city of love and excellence, who does not return from Paris in love? It is impossible not to see the sunset from the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, giving a bohemian stroll along the Seine, or the charm of the Parisian streets and houses in perfect harmony. To finish your evening what better than seeing the flashing of the Eiffel Tower on the hour point from the Place du Trocadero, or a romantic dinner on a boat-restaurant enjoying the sights of Paris from the river.

  1. Venice

If Paris is the city of love, Venice would be the capital of lovers. The multiple channels that cross the city make it a magical place. In Venice you can enjoy romantic gondola rides with gondoliers singing love songs, incredible sunsets in the area of Rialto Bridge watching the Grand Canal, and enjoy strolling through the city crossing its bridges and canals. This city is designed to 100 x 100 for lovers.

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  1. Prague

A town with charm where to live full of romanticism, as experiences the Charles Bridge at sunset cross while you hear fiddling, climb to the Petrin Tower and admire the spectacular view of the city from there or take a carriage ride for their cobbled streets, a whole planazo.

  1. Rome

The eternal city hides many places where lovers of all ages have outlined knowing smiles. Unique places like the view from the Gianicolo, Spain Square at dusk, the Trevi Fountain at night or the Ponte Sant’Angelo. The couple visit to this city cannot be complete without considering the views from the Buco the Aventino or stroll through the Milvio bridge. The latter is full of padlocks that reflect the eternal love of the couple, once placed the lock necessarily have to get rid of the key. This tradition which comes from the book “I have wanted you” by Federico Moccia, it is trying to be eradicated from the bridge, but there are many other places in Italy and in Europe, where it still does. To finish a full day rather than a romantic little dinner in Trastevere is the perfect height of an unforgettable visit.

  1. Florence

Where does the art city. In her lovers you find the perfect excuse to enjoy each other. Try to bring your partner to Michelangelo Square at night, a unique place where you will leave you speechless. Another place that you should not miss is the most famous bridge in Florence, the Ponte Vecchio, perfect for a riverside walk and contemplate its hanging houses. Certainly, Florence is one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

  1. Cinque Terre

They are the five most romantic towns in the world: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Bathed in the Ligurian Sea, are in the province of La Spezia. Nestled among crags and cliffs, you can go by bus, boat or train (transport of romantic), and they can enjoy some of the scenery most beautiful in Italy. Colored houses, nature and sea that make them unique location. And to end your romantic getaway, the path that connects Manarola and Riomaggiore, called Via the Amore, with a sunset from a story.

  1. Edinburgh

The medieval city is unknown and great excellence of Europe. A charming city that has so much hype as others, but that does not mean it is not a romantic town. Up to Calton Hill, admires the view from Edinburgh Castle, or enjoys the rides that offer its cobbled streets, are just some of the things that will transport you back in time.

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  1. Budapest

Budapest is a city that surprises, divided into two parts, Buda and Pest by the Danube River, all part of Buda ( Fishermen’s Bastion, Buda Castle …) and the views from there are spectacular Pest, contemplate Chain Bridge, Parliament … provided you can also relax in one of the many spas there around the city, and thus you have the perfect combination.

  1. Verona

It is normal for both Romeo Juliet fall in love, because how beautiful city lived! The best way to enjoy Verona is wondering, getting lost among its markets and squares. Specially mention to the Piazza delle Erbe, continuing the way to Piazzale Castel San Pietro and the panorama that is viewed from there at sunset worth immortalizing. By the way, do not forget to stop by the house of Juliet and leave your love letter at the entrance!

  1. Bruges

A fairytale city surrounded by canals, a perfect plan is a boat trip on its canals after having toured the city on foot, enjoying Bruges from another angle. Of course, do not miss the Lake of Love (Minnewater Lake), always surrounded by swans, and Dijver canal. Remember that you can always sweeten the visit to Bruges with delicious Belgian chocolates.

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