Top destinations in Colombia

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Here in this article of LifeStyleQA we will tell you about the best destinations in Colombia. This destination is ideal for both solo and with friends. Colombia is a country that offers many experiences traveler and you can access them by booking your flight and hotel.


This city is home to one of the most important folk and cultural festivals such as the Carnival, declared in 2001 as Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

Located on the west bank of the Magdalena River, the name obtained by the cliffs surrounding this channel. This city historically brings together most of the tourists coming avid warmth of its people and the beauty of its architecture.

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A few days after Ash Wednesday and for four days, Barranquilla offers the world its Carnival, one of the most distinctive of this country and reflect its origins festivals that combine indigenous, European and African roots that shaped this town. For I bookmark it and live it!


It is the capital of the country, is located in the center and 2,600 meters above sea level. Its population reaches 8 million people and is a favorite for tourists who want to know how people live in Colombia places.

It offers different types of tourism, there are options for those who want to make a religious trip dye or those who love adventure. Mainly in the historic city center, in the La Candelaria colonial style houses abound and you can visit the historic Plaza de Bolivar and Monserrate know the hill for a panoramic view of Bogotá.

Also, if you’re a lover dining and love renew the palate; Colombia offers a constantly renewed and extensive menu of dishes that appeal to all who visit. One of the best places to make a gourmet traveled is in Bogota.

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San Andres

Located 700 kilometers from the west coast, San Andres is a slice of paradise. There, where you live to the rhythm of reggae music, you can enjoy the tranquility of their land and the beauty of the sea, distinguished by being referred to as “the seven colors”.

One of the outstanding beaches Johnny Cay is distinguished by its white sand and the tranquility of being in full contact with nature.

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