Top destinations in Venezuela

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In the article of LifeStyleQA we will share with you the best tourist destinations in Venezuela to be able to travel and enjoy a country where nature coexists with the big cities. But, being a chosen destination as options multiply and travel is difficult to make a decision. Therefore, we will prepare a list of the top 3 destinations to visit while in Venezuela…

Los Roques National Park

This National Park is located in an archipelago 168 kilometers from the port of Caracas and was awarded the title of national park in 1972.

Besides the natural beauty that surrounds it, and which can be accessed on yachts, boats or by air with flights from Caracas, Maracaibo and Porlamar, the archipelago has an intriguing and rich diversity of islands: it consists of more 50!

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It is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada National Park today offered its highest peaks show snowfall. To access the city of Mérida has the second longest in the world highest cable car and allowing you to reach Pico Espejo in the Sierra Nevada de Mérida in the Venezuelan Andes.

In this city you can visit the Parque Los Chorros de Milla, a beautiful place famous for its vegetation and habitat of more than 160 animal species; Cathedral, one of the most beautiful and recognized in Venezuela, and the Hato Observatory, all very different activities but that will enrich your trip driving you very versatile.

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Margarita Island

They call it the Pearl of the Caribbean and the image arrives explains everything, but the truth is that the Margarita Island in Venezuela had three names was first dubbed “The Assumption” by Christopher Columbus, then “La Margarita” by the abundance of pearls they found there and then shortened the name that we all know that it is “Margarita”. Some say that this last and final name was chosen in honor of Queen Margaret of Austria.

This island also offers incredible natural beauty, and is the place chosen by large number of tourists to relax on your vacation. Beautiful like few others, has idyllic beaches ideal for that photo souvenir you bring your holiday.

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