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The best deals are on Peel off and so you do not take without chosen destination, we will prepare a list of the best destinations to visit in Peru.

Prepare bags and shipped to a place as unique as their stories of ancient civilizations, here is the list of the top 5 destinations in Peru…


Southeast of Peru, is the city of Cuzco also known as the historic capital of the country. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO and is a mandatory visit for all tourists.

You can visit the Barrio de San Blas – on the way there you can pose for a photo at the Palace Inca Roca, highlighted by the construction of huge stones place and how each fits perfectly with the other or you can go the church of San Francisco famous for the unique pieces that houses.

An obvious tip is to know Machu Picchu, the sacred city of the Incas and into a historical site.

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When traveling to Peru in this city, you can see in detail the nature as this region has the Lake Zungarococha for activities in the water, swimming or just appreciate it. Furthermore you can walk along the Malecon Tarapaca, which is on the banks of the Amazon River and offers a full view of the banks and the port of Bethlehem.

It has lots of sustainable and lodges in the jungle to connect with the flora and fauna hotels.


It is the capital of the country and offers what any world capital, but the difference is that it is a city that still reflects the history of the events that occurred there shows the wealth of the pre-Hispanic world and is the gastronomic center, historical of country.

For the adventurous and south of Lima there are excellent beaches for surfing.

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If you intrigue fun, this is your place. Nazca is located in the center – south of Lima and is known for the ancient lines that can be seen there and attract thousands of tourists.

The lines on vacant lots offer animal figures, some humanlike or vegetable appearances but the funny thing is that they can only be appreciated from the air with what questions arise about how they planned and carried out these drawings.


Ideal for those who love nature and are not afraid of adventures, unlike Iquitos where you can connect without much risk, visit the Peruvian region of the Amazon rainforest represents a unique challenge.

Tambopata National Reserve is located between the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers and natural wealth is incalculable hundreds of new species of animals and plants.

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