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It is the turn of our entry of the week where we told you about the best destinations to visit. This time, LifeStyleQA will deal with options for Colombia.

What to visit in Colombia?

Colombia is a country that offers an interesting perspective to its past, with buildings from the colonial era, but still one of the most diverse and entertaining countries to go.


It is the capital and offers everything in one place. With 8 million people it becomes a highly cosmopolitan city. According to the magazine Lonely Planet has one of the highest levels of global environmental protection and ecology.

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It has all the attractions you need a tourist; great nightlife with clubs, museums, architecture and shopping trip to buy souvenirs.


Well known for the diversity of flowers and nature that has, Medellin is known for its Flower Show, very traditional event where for a few days streets for the parade Silleteros cut, known by the passage of florists boast beauty your plants.

It is ideal for shopping both in the traditional style – has large shopping malls – and the Craftsman style because it has a circuit craftsmen.

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Island of San Andres

Bella like few others, who love to visit, it is located 700km off the coast of Colombia and the musical style that floods the island is reggae.

It is recognized worldwide for its sea of seven colors, full of fish and corals. Most of the inhabitants is dedicated to tourism and promotes protectionist streak with ecological reserves for tourists traveling on.

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