Twelve tips for safe shopping

Safe Shopping
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If you are purchasing a product or service, consider the following recommendations that will avoid headaches and ensure you bring home a good buy.

The LifeStyleQA Blog made a list of tips to keep in mind when making any purchase or acquire a service.

1) Formalize the invoice or receipt. You may need it for a later claim.

2) If you hire a service providing remember that on the voucher or invoice shall indicate the components, materials used, their price and labor as well as the terms under which the supplier undertakes to guarantee them (furniture, kitchens).

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3) When making a purchase must realize that the announced value corresponds to the total product price, including any additional taxes or as may be appropriate, i.e. should include VAT charge.

4) If at the time of purchase no good is delivered, verify that the invoice or voucher so manifest and the place and date of delivery and the consequences of failure or delay this will be indicated.

5) When purchasing products requested delivery of the relevant manuals and instructions for use.

6) Observe well the net content of a product and its packaging size. There may be differences.

7) Review the technical specifications of the products and request delivery of the relevant manuals and instructions for use.

8) Identify the supplier or manufacturer of the goods or services acquired. For claims this information is essential.

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9) Pay particular attention to promotions; remember that at the time of purchase must be satisfied offerings.

10) Check the prices of goods that are purchased before paying.

11) Analyze the different offers and compare prices, quantities and qualities, this can mean savings.

12) In the event that two or more prices to appear, will only be required to pay the lowest price. If the price register is higher than the price indicated on the packaging or attached list when checking out a product, you are entitled to be charged the advertised price.

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