Twitter celebrates 10 years: 10 of these are the moments that have marked its history

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Although it was not officially released until July, today marks the tenth anniversary of the official birth of Twitter, that day when Jack Dorsey set which today is one of the largest social networks in the world. Much has changed since that emphases calling twttr, but has been a progressive evolution in which has been adapted to our demands.

Today we celebrate this birthday reviewing ten of the key moments that have made ​​Twitter what we see today in our browsers and mobile devices. How it became such a useful tool for activism or information live? Here are the answers chronological orders.

On this day, 10 years ago…

Jack Dorsey officially created twittr today ten years ago with his fellow Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. He began setting up the service, and then began to invite their peers to start going to shape a project that would come during the month of July of that same year.

Early drafts

The Dorsey himself published in the Flickr one of the first design drafts Twitter. Next to the photo explained that the idea came to him in 2000 after registering on LiveJournal and thinking in trying to make a much more living system. A page in which to update our status in real time from wherever you are. In the first draft of the project, he was called, but later renamed twttr only to be Twitter.

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Twitter form gives himself

2007 was the year that Twitter way he himself became what we see today. On April 18 officially they announced the retweet, May 30 mentions, and on August 23 hashtags. We had to wait another 3 years until a few additions to the algura, when the March 30, 2010 the system was announced trending topics.

The start of activism on Twitter

In April 2008, the then university student James Buck was arrested by the Egyptian authorities in a demonstration against the government of that country. He tweeted a single word: Arrested, and his 48 followers made ​​contact with the US Embassy and several news organizations to secure their release. This anecdote is seen today as the beginnings of Twitter as a tool for activism and defense of social causes.

Twitter as an information tool

The image you see above the tweeted businessman Janis Krums on 15 January 2009. A plane had made ​​an emergency landing on the Hudson River, and thanks to this twit users of social network learned of the news before seeing it in any newscast. Live information and first person came to Twitter to stay.

The first tweet from space

Today we are used to see how astronauts use social networks to marvel at his adventures, but when Mike Massimino did the 12 May 2009, no one had ever tweeted from outside our planet. Does your message? “I feel great, working hard, and enjoying the magnificent views, The Adventure of my life has begun!”

The Arab Spring

In 2011 he broke the so – called Arab Spring , and the hashtag #ArabSpring began to be used by tweeters around the world to demand democracy in several Arab countries.Twitter began to be able to be used to support revolutions from the couch, and users belonging realized how powerful it could be this weapon.

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An Oscar selfie

The autophotos took decades with us, but we began to call Selfies and see them in the soup especially from March 2014. It was then, during the Oscars, the comedian Ellen DeGeneres one autofoto with several stars pulled film that has been retweet for more than 3 million users. A record!

2015, another year full of changes

2015 has been one of the years with more changes in the history of Twitter. Quick review: in March launched its application Periscope live streaming in June it was given the go -ahead to its internal crisis with the resignation of Dick Costolo as CEO in October tool was launched moments and presented native surveys, and in November, we said goodbye to a few favorites that became likes.

The algorithms arrive at the timeline

However, despite the changes last year, was this when we saw one of the largest that the network has ever seen. Until now carried in their DNA a feed with which to view the tweets in chronological order, but in February announced another that would see first the most important tweets thanks to an algorithm. The welcome was not good, but that has not stopped this week have begun to activate default.

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