Uninstalls fonts to speed up your PC

Uninstalls fonts
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Did you know that have many text fonts installed on your PC you can slow down the system boot? If you uninstall the fonts you use cannot soles improve the performance of your computer easily?

Graphic designers are used to working with hundreds of fonts and install many more fonts than those that come by default in the operating system. If this is your case, you’ve probably found that after doing Windows starts somewhat slower than expected, and is because when turning on the computer all fonts are loaded at every boot.

Fortunately, getting rid of the sources that do not use is very simple, and you can make this process is 100% reversible, if at some point have to draw on some of them.

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If you want to see all the fonts you have installed on your PC, simply you look for “View installed fonts” from the search box of Windows or you enter the Control Panel and navigate to Appearance and customization where you see paragraph Sources.

Once you open this window will display all fonts installed in the system, and if you click on any of them will see their appearance with different font sizes. In the event that any not like or have no plan to use with any application, you can delete it immediately without problems.

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However, it is much better select and drag you intend to uninstall before a new folder on your PC. So, you have a backup to restore them if necessary. Then and allows you to remove and accelerate boot your PC with each start.

That said if you are someone who needs to install many sources for various projects, you may be interested save them on a USB key to load them only when you intend to use. Then it proceeds as you just have to uninstall these fonts and avoid them stay permanently on your operating system.

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