Upgrade other applications on your PC via Windows Update

Windows Update
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Keep updated the operating system is one of the best ways to protect your computer, as this known vulnerabilities are solved and the door closes attacks that can cause considerable damage. So far, this was the role of Windows Update (as well as updating other Microsoft applications such as Office).

However, with the arrival of Windows 10 security extends to other programs you have installed on your PC, thanks to this option in Windows Update that allows for updates to more than one place (or what is the same: download updates from different developers to Microsoft).

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To enable this interesting measure of protection, simply enter the menu Settings in Windows 10, click on Update and security and in the submenu of Windows Update, find the field Advanced Options.

Once there, you’ll see a window that lets you choose how the updates must be installed. Click on “choose how you want updates to be delivered” and updates more than one place check the box as “activated”.

From this moment, you will get through Windows Update also updates Windows applications that you had previously downloaded. This is especially useful for not expose security risks with software that were obsolete and for which there is a new version to download from the Windows Store.

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Of course, this system is not 100% foolproof, so it is recommended that you try to update and check for new versions manually programs you have installed on your PC. Although usually a bug found in them is not as potentially harmful as if it were operating system vulnerability, be too careful.

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