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Instagram is a social network designed for use from our phones and tablets. But almost since it was created it has been many users who have wanted to also use it to show that they can do with their digital cameras, so was born a whole ecosystem of pages through which we can upload photos from your computer.

But what if you do not want to check into a third page and jeopardize our privacy to upload photos to Instagram from your PC? Well fortunately there is the possibility of using the official application Instagram for Android on your Windows computer, GNU / Linux or OS X by installing it directly in Chrome with ARC Welder.

Installing Instagram in Chrome with ARC Welder

The first step in our process to install the Instagram app on your PC is obviously the downloading. To do this go into the Instagram profile in APKMirror and we will download the latest official version of the application on your computer. That will be the .apk file with Chrome will use after.

It does not work with all, but many official Android applications that we use in our computer thanks to ARC Welder. All I need is to open the Chrome browser and download the webapp from the Chrome Web Store. Once this is done we’ll just open it and give the option to “Add your APK”.

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Then ARC Welder asks us how we run our application. To see the maximum size recommended is that in targeting option we choose Portrait to be displayed correctly vertically, while choose form factor Tablet for the app look big. The rest can leave it as is and click on Launch APP.

And it is, so you will have the Instagram application for Android without the limitations of versions for the web or desktop. In addition Instagram appear as a standalone application, so you will not need to open Chrome every time you want to run and will appear in the list of applications on your computer.

Uploading photos from your PC

If you’ve ever used Instagram app you will know exactly how to move you through it, and has its section to upload photos with the camera or from the gallery. It is customary that as we are emulating the app this section goes wrong, the camera does not work and we do not see pictures pre-loaded, but do not worry because you will be able to upload that ye from your computer.

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You only have to give the option Gallery located top left and choose other…. This will make us go in popup options Gallery and Open File, and will be the second which will open the file browser our PC so that we can find the picture you want to use.

From there you know exactly what it touches, and you can use all the options Instagram to edit, and apply filters to photography. When publishing the menu options will be and work just as in Android. If you want only you know that the picture is not made with your old mobile but with the SLR.

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