Use an image as a password to access Windows

image as a password
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Since the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new method to access Windows that goes beyond the typical password: passwords image. Thanks to them, you can unlock your computer and access your user account interacting with an image and drawing on it certain patterns.

Use a picture as a password is especially useful if you use Windows with a (case of tablets and PCs equipped with this technology) touch screen.

After selecting the image you want, just have to draw on it circles, lines, straight or pulsations pretend used as gestural password. In this pattern all influences, including the size, position and direction of what’s draw.

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Enabling passwords image

To enable image passwords, enter the Setup menu Windows 8 or Windows 10, click on Accounts and go to the section Options login.

Once there, look for the Password submenu and click on Add image. Then you have to enter your password to login and click on Choose Picture. Here simply upload the file you want to use (such as a photo with your friends or landscape) and, once pre-visualize the result, click on Use this image if you are satisfied.

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The next thing you will be asked to do is draw three gestures on the image, with the possibility of combining circles, straight lines and strokes. We recommend that you take advantage silhouettes present in the picture so that you find it easier to be precise later, or do such strokes on letters if any in the image.

And only will be repeating patterns chosen to make sure everything is set correctly and that the pattern is well implemented. From then on you can use an image as a password in Windows.

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