Valentine returns, what will you do?

Valentine's Day
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In a few days back Valentine, and this year falls on a Saturday, so it seems difficult to wriggle. What do you think to do? From nothing to the overall romantic plan, you have all the options. It all depends on what you think of this party and the relationship with your partner, of course.

A commercial holiday

Like many holidays, the association of Valentine’s Day in love (or friendship) is held, is quite recent. Back to the mid-19th century England, and was introduced from English-speaking countries to the rest of the world the second half of the 20th century Like Halloween, the goal is to increase sales with themed products.

Why do not you celebrate

If Valentine’s Day is a purely commercial holiday, no one has to feel obliged to celebrate. The details are given away or romanticism preparing for that day would get well at other times. Of course, for those who do tend to be very thorough, this event can be a good excuse to do something once.

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Day of love and Friendship?

In recent years, we tend to hear more the term “day of love and friendship” than “Valentine’s Day”. On one side is a more inclusive term politically correct, but on the other, also seems a way to get everyone involved in a consumer desire very common in our society. If you are single, at least you have friends, and therefore should also do something. There is no escape.

What are you going to do?

The day is Valentine’s Day can be a problem for many. Just when you start dating someone you’re not sure whether you should celebrate it or not, simply because you do not know whether to call “love” relationship. When you’ve already got more time, it can be a source of tension because you feel obligated to comply with a social norm.

So I think it’s best to relax and do what you want. If you do not want to do anything that day, talk it over with your partner before, with time, so it did not prepare anything in advance, for example. There are always other opportunities to celebrate love. The important thing is not the dates but the events and details of every day.

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And if you want to do, try to be original. Surprise is the best way to have fun. No need to look for days the perfect idea. Only breaks the routine with an alternative plan. It’s as simple as that. Well, you do what you want, of course. It’s just my humble opinion.

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