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Vietnam became in recent years, one of the most sought Southeast Asian countries. And if you decide to travel to Vietnam, this corner of Asia will surprise you because you’ll find some of the most beautiful landscapes, exotic beaches and the most interesting cities in the world. This point on the map has a lot to offer and so we prepared a guide of what to do in Vietnam when you get off the plane.

What to do when you arrive in Vietnam?

Attractions Vietnam tour Hanoi

Considered one of the most exotic capitals of Asia, Hanoi is also one of the most important cultural centers of Vietnam. If you fly to this destination, you will find an extremely busy city. The streets are always full of motorbikes and bicycles and be careful when crossing! Some recommended activities in Hanoi are taking Tai Chi classes in parks, eat local dishes in a street stall and visit traditional pagodas and museums.

Vietnam Attractions: Marvel at the Ho Chi Minh City

The former Saigon is one of the largest cities in Vietnam, where traditional buildings and modern skyscrapers are mixed. It is a destination full of contrasts, always on the move, where you’ll find the largest selection of restaurants, hotels and shopping centers in Vietnam.

Among the recommended activities to do in Ho Chi Minh City, we consider in this paper the travel blog, highlights the market tours, museums and beautiful churches in the city.

Vietnam Attractions: Go to Hoi An

If you came to Hoi An in Vietnam you will learn that this city was born as a port of trade between different cultures, which formed one of its main attractions. On the streets of Hoi An you’ll bump into Japanese-style houses, Chinese temples and European stores, the nineteenth century. This variety made ​​him one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, which also abound options boutique hotels, bars and shops designed with the modern traveler in mind. One of the best activities you can do in Hoi An is walk the streets and admire the beautiful architecture, such as the iconic covered bridge Japanese style of earlier, which is the symbol of the city.

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Vietnam Attractions: Discover Dalat

By visiting Dalat, you’ll think you were in the wrong plane and ended in Bariloche or in the Swiss Alps, it is that this landscape is not far from the postcards of those destinations. A ticket to this destination will allow you to admire beautiful lakes surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and European-style chalets.

Attractions Vietnam: Halong Bay visit

If you are looking one of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, Halong has to be one of the first names on your list. No wonder it was named Unesco World Heritage Site in 1994. It is made up of over 2000 islands that stand as mountain peaks sunk in the Gulf of Tonkin. Some popular activities in Halong are the traditional boat rides and visit the caves in the islands.

Vietnam Attractions: Nha Trang travel

A must in Halong and you will find in abundance in Nha Trang are beaches. In fact, this destination is known as the capital of Vietnam shirt. Famous for its turquoise sea, also has many resorts, restaurants and an active nightlife. If you visit this destination, get ready for beach activities like snorkeling and kayaking.

Vietnam Attractions: Relax in Phu Quoc Island

If you want a trip in a more natural and less exploited by tourism environment, but in a beach destination, this island is one of the most recommended places for the traveler who decides to go on holiday to Vietnam … It is very well preserved and most its surface was turned into a national park, where you can make eco-tourism.

Other beach destinations that we recommend are Mui Ne and Phan Thiet.

Vietnam Attractions: Mekong Delta visit

There is no way to leave out of this blog article travel to one of the most popular areas across Southeast Asia. It is the region around the Mekong River on its way to the Sea of ​​China. It is a huge area, covering about 40,000 square kilometers, where you can find the floating markets of Cai Rang and Cai Be, a unique landscape and the indigenous culture of Vietnam. There are several tours that take place in the area, some starting from Ho Chi Minh City. You cannot go to Vietnam without visiting the Mekong River by boat. It’s a must!

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Things to do in Vietnam: Sapa visit

You are moving away from the river, on the other side of the country and close to China; you will be amazed with a very different landscape, but equally iconic. Are the rice terraces, where villagers cultivate this precious grain in the mountains. It is ideal for trekking, cycling and mountain climbing, and you’ll find several travel agencies where these are organized and other outdoor activities. Furthermore, the region is home to several ethnic groups with an ancient and rich culture.

This country has this and more to offer. It is impossible to mention all the places and activities that you can do in Vietnam, why leave out the idyllic landscapes of the Valley of Mai Chau, artistic and religious heritage of Hue, the ancient ruins of the Champa culture in Mi-son, and many Other attractions that make Vietnam one of the most interesting countries you’ll hear on this side of the world.

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