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Flatiron Building
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In a city of impressive structures such as New York, the Flatiron Building is without doubt one of the skyscrapers of the city’s most famous despite being neither the highest nor to have an observatory at the top. Its sleek design and shape of narrow wedge (which seems to defy the laws of physics) has intrigued New Yorkers for over a century. Therefore, the Flatiron Building has been the subject of paintings, photographs, postcards and films, becoming a symbol of the city of New York.

Story Flatiron Building

In the late nineteenth century, the area adjacent to Madison Square was a neighborhood of people of ‘high-flying’, the fashionable shopping district called Ladies’ Mile and lively entertainment center of the city. This made ​​the ‘apple’ strangely narrow triangular shape located at the intersection of Broadway Ave., the Fifth Avenue and 23 St. became the most valuable place in the city. However, this corner known as “grilled” by the way clothes iron was a challenge for builders of the time.

In 1899, Harry S. Black bought the land to build a headquarters for your company. To design its new building and this would be the first skyscraper north of Union Square, hired the architect Daniel Burnham, who was known for his innovative skyscraper in Chicago, his designs for the World Columbian Exposition (also known as the World’s Fair in Chicago) or the National Mall in Washington DC. Because of the irregularity of the terrain, Burnham designed a vertical Renaissance chateau with Beaux-Arts style.

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Unlike previous existing skyscrapers in New York, he used a revolutionary steel structure, incredibly durable, which allowed him to raise walls narrow and elegant. The design was so revolutionary and ahead of his time, many New Yorkers speculated on how quickly the wind would knock the building…, which fortunately never happened. The tower is now known as Flatiron Building rose just over 86 meters from the ground, with a total 22 floors inside and yet, with just two meters wide at its northernmost point.

Years later, in 1902, the Fuller Building (the original name of Flatiron) opened to the astonishment of the entire city of New York, becoming a symbol of ambition and progress of the city. However, not everyone admired the unique structure; The New York Tribune called it “a piece of cake stingy” and the New York Times said it was a “monstrosity”.

The Flatiron Building soon attracted the attention of artists, becoming the main theme of the now classic photos of Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz, and paintings by renowned artists such as John Sloan and Childe Hassam. Almost immediately, the building became part of countless postcards, which became a symbol of the city of New York.

The Flatiron Building was designated as a reference to New York in 1966, a National Historic Landmark in 1989 and the area around the building now became known as the Flatiron District (Flatiron District). In 2009, Sorgente Group Spa a real estate investment company of Italian origin, bought a majority share of the Flatiron building, who want to turn the building into a luxury hotel after renting existing tenants end … Can carry out this ambitious project ?, will have to wait!

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Visit the Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building is located in the intersection of Broadway and 5th Avenue. Ave (Quinta Avenida), between 22st. and 23st. If you want to go underground, the nearest stop is located on the 23st. of the N and R lines.

As most know, the Flatiron Building is now an office with no public access, so it is not possible to visit its interior, although some travelers will have ‘thrown nose’ and have agreed to the hall  to take a picture of its interior. Still, the spectacle of this building is certainly outside, so do not hesitate to go there to take a few pictures. The best views and pictures of Flatiron building can be taken from the pedestrian islands between the 23st. and 25st. and also from inside the Madison Square Park.

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