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Lose Weight Successfully
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If your purpose again for the New Year is to get rid of the extra kilos and once and for all want to lose weight successfully and end this objective, we leave the key: self-assessment process.

Self-control and monitoring: The key to success

Able to know ourselves and control our actions as well as, monitor or evaluate the process and the main strategies we use can greatly help you lose weight.

Some time ago the analysis of different studies revealed a significant association between self-monitoring and self-evaluation and thinning, showing this to keep track of your weight and monitor our diet and exercise we do can be helpful for weight loss.

Recently, a research says that as soon as it found that the self-monitoring can help you lose more weight, increasing to three times the results achieved with our weight loss plan.

Also, as you have previously, the self-evaluation process to lose weight or changes in our body and / or habits, it is one of the strategies used by most successful when losing weight.

Therefore, self-control and constant monitoring seem to be the key to success and a real drive when we look slim.

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How self-evaluate weight loss

There are three key factors that we can self-assess or automonitorize so, encourage weight loss:

  • Body weight
  • Diet and feeding
  • Physical exercise

In each of these advantages we are displayed and can do in different ways.

Body weight just by hopping on the scale is evaluated, and it has been shown that weighed often it helps to have less kilos and also helps maintain the lost weight.

Also, there has been no negative feelings and further thinning when frequent autopsy is done, so perhaps it would be advisable get on the scale and record your weight or at least, keep in mind, once a week or every three or four days .

This would be the way to self-assess our weight: get on the scale every few minutes, while passing over a month for it.

To self-assess our diet, we can make a food diary as has been proven that monitor what we eat and quantities helps control body weight and can be helpful for weight loss.

If yours is not the role and did not want to write down everything you eat and quantities, you can use mobile applications to control the diet, which in another format, can also help you know what you eat and better manage portions.

This is a good way to self-assess our power that allows us to be more aware of what we eat , helps our satiety and helps us to gauge the quantities consumed easily.

For self-assessment training, we can also make a daily record or where we exercise data made ​​and the duration of each, much like we do with diet way.

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It is also possible to use a wearable gadget or quantifier, or mobile applications to help you move a minimum each day and see progress and achievements.

This also will keep you motivated, because progress will become more apparent and tangible if you have registered you’ve been running 15 minutes a day to run 25 minutes every day and therefore it is a great weapon when you lose weight and stay in shape.

You know, apparently, not only eat less and move more useful is to lose weight, but losing weight successfully, the key is self-assess and control us periodically.

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