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WebTorrent Desktop
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We have seen earlier the Torrents Time, a utility that promised to give a revolutionary turn to the websites of this kind of files and system that the big giants like Pirate Bay and similar not hesitate to use for streaming content. However, and shortly after its launch, the tool safety was called into question.

The error was detected by some users of Reddit and basically consists of the utility does not use resource sharing CORS which allows a page request resources from other web and provides attackers with the option to transmit different files correctly. Another developer revealed that the application had a fault code that made it work continuously in the background, consuming CPU resources; problems which slowed its expansion. But it seems that we now have a new alternative.

Desktop WebTorrent

Still reports The Next Web, it is WebTorrent Desktop, a tool open source – in beta phase which shares an identical goal Torrents Time but does reach a different way. In any case, this is not a new proposal, but the company already unveiled its system for streaming torrents last December. What it is a desktop program that uses the same code.

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In this way and available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, the application gives us the opportunity to transmit any torrent directly from your browser without waiting for the traditional and tedious time it takes to take out the download. The best part is that it not only supports videos but also supports streaming music and electronic books.

“WebTorrent Desktop could change the way of transferring content on the web […] even one of its most interesting applications would apply to projects like Wikipedia and The Internet Archive,” said its creator Feross Aboukhadijeh. Obviously despite its good intentions, it is more than likely to be used for other purposes.

Regarding employment, it is very simple to use, but the fact is that we miss some functions, especially those that have to do with disable certain intrusive elements. Now, to start spending it simply download it and then select a torrent of our regular pages.

It is even capable of detecting magnet links automatically start if we open the browser – one. Yes, until you have enough information will not start playing the content, a feature intended to avoid cuts, jumps and the like. Its interface also allows us to drag and sort torrents, and is compatible with Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA.

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Other considerations

Apart from what has been said, the difficulties to which torrents are facing in the current scenario are a reality. Starring evidence YTS fall, blocking Kickass, the constant struggle of The Pirate Bay and Time Pop Corn and so on that we’ve been telling you go.

Some complications that could tip the balance to other tools such as Netflix, Wuaki, Yomvi, Google Play videos and other alternatives, although they are paid, they are quite affordable and allow spared the discomforts linked to ongoing changes; although no one knows what the future will bring us.

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