What are information products or digital products?

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The info-products are two words: information and products. Are knowledge and experience that are packaged printed or written to be useful. An example of information products is a book, and you transmit knowledge, the experience of an author. It is an educational and informative product.

Types info-products

There are two types of info-products: physical and digital

Physicists are that the person will buy DVD, book, folder, etc. within a physical interaction.

In this case, we will focus on digital products that are formative life, but getting information through Internet. You can sell information relating to something you love, your experiences, knowledge etc. Today on the Internet, you can find educational products for all kinds of different niches, niches that were previously not covered for the costs of advertising, logistics and distribution. The most important of digital products is that going to add value through this information and this knowledge to your customers.

Benefits info-products

To develop these info-products you work once, but the result of that work can go collecting it for a long time. Example: e-book.

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Second benefit, you need not be present to sell it, you can do it automatically through a website, where people come and buy it. It is a way of destroying easy distribution logistics costs.

Examples of digital products

The information products or information products are e-books, audio books or Video course dealing with a specific topic, in order to address the lack of knowledge and / or to solve a need or problem. People are constantly looking for information on the Internet, either to learn how chocolate cake is done, to know how to go into a business.

How can they be purchased?

Information products can be purchased through an electronic transaction, that is, payment will be made ​​via the Internet and the information product is received in digital format to the computer, mobile phone or any electronic device.

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Why selling information products work?

On the Internet, you can access any type of information or documents free. However, this source of information of all kinds and infinite can be a problem, since people do not have time to control the sources or simply to find the information they need, among so much variety.

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