What are the safest Antivirus for your PC?

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The antivirus is a program installed on your operating system, aims at the protection of the child against all kinds of malware that tries to attack it. For years now, there are many companies and businesses that are trying to develop the safest antivirus against various threats circulating on the web, and today we try to look at some of them, to try and understand what could be the best depending on the situation.

Already, because clearly, as you know who is a minimum shod in computing, usually a computer cannot support more than one antivirus at the same time: if two or more antivirus installed on your operating system, in fact, usually end up “doing to scramble” between them, fight with each other and causing more harm than good. That’s why, from the moment you can only install one antivirus on their computers, it’s always good to try to focus on what you find most suitable and compatible to your needs.

First of all, remember that there are both free and paid antivirus and other which, although it can provide slightly lower performance, can also be installed in their versions free of charge.

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Let’s see, at this point, what could be the best antivirus for the year that has just begun, according to the online magazine’s best Antivirus.


Avira antivirus free antivirus available, among one of the best, if not the best ever for the past several years, it is surely Avira. Admittedly, in its free version, it doesn’t let you check and scan their e-mail addresses in real-time, flaw, however, easily solved using the paid version, which incorporates this function. In General is considered one of the most efficient antivirus Avira when it comes to detecting malware and protect your data. Not only that, among the most appreciated qualities, is to have an impact on the performance of your own computer, where rather light, often with other antivirus, is likely instead to be weighted. Not forgetting, finally, its easy and immediate use, thanks to a clear and simple interface.


Bitdefender is another interesting program that allows us to keep our circle is then Bitdefender, which, although it was a bit mistreated over the past years, in the last few days has been able to enjoy remarkable to say the least, improvements that have projected as one of the best and most interesting performance and effectiveness in combating virus Trojans and malicious files both in its free version that better still in the paid version.


Clearly not to mention the popular Kaspersky, who, despite a cost that can be considered maybe a bit overkill for many years was a great success in the fight against malicious files, also a great speed before they invade within its own operating system and cause damage of various kinds.


Another antivirus which in recent years has enjoyed great success among their users, occupying positions relevant in most authoritative rankings by genre, it is definitely Norton, able to find a variety of viruses and malware, while sinning, according to some of those who use it, in usability, since it is likely to weigh down the operating system in which it is installed.

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Similar issue with AVG, which, although quite efficient in carrying out its tasks, it risks burdening your computer’s performance, unfortunately, slowing it down, in some cases, even sensitive.

Panda and Avast

Finally, spending some little word on two other antivirus particularly known and appreciated because of their characteristics: Panda and Avast, which, although in recent years have not been able, perhaps, to keep up with some of their competitors, are still extremely valid and reliable choices, ensuring an acceptable compromise between performance on the operating system and defensive capabilities.

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