What do you need an employee to work autonomously?

Employee to work autonomously
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One of the trends that have taken many companies is to find workers who can operate autonomously. I am not referring here to the way of cooperation, which previously were office employees now looking in many cases to an autonomous working from home with his laptop. We speak rather of the needs techniques to carry out their work independently.

First, you need a connection to enterprise systems. Here first Internet access is either required, through mobile broadband or fixed, but it is safe, so ideally be accompanied by a VPN that encrypts the point – to – point connection.

After that, it depends on the type of applications that have the company. If you work in the cloud it will be easier if you work with local servers, you will need to enable remote access, usually using Terminal Services. In this way, we are working as if we were in an office from anywhere.

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Hardware and workspace

Then you need a laptop, a smartphone and a printer, so you can work as if you were inside an office. The question often is who gets what in this employment. All infrastructures should put the company, but sometimes what happens is that the company facilitates access and employee Internet connection and hardware.

The company also provides information and training to the employee can carry out their work with solvency. With respect to the office are two possible cases. If the self -employed need an office, we offer everything related to branding, that relations unequivocally with the brand, but the cost of office usually go for account worker or collaborator.

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At other times, if you not need the job has to be facing the audience, a sought professional office or co-working where the employee has the entire infrastructure you need to change an agreed price. In the case of teleworkers, it seeks to adapt a corner at home to create the job.

Often what is sought is moving costs, previously assumed the company, the employee, so that it is he who assume in exchange for access to applications, customer databases, support of a recognized brand, etc. help you get the revenue needed to offset such expenses as well as the work done.

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