What happens in your body if you don’t drink enough fluids?

Drink enough fluids
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We all know that proper hydration is key to health care for the body, but still often neglect fluid intake. For this not to happen to us again may be helpful to know what happens in our body when we do not drink enough fluids.

As you can see, the consequences of hydration poor extend to different organs of our body, such as brain, heart, kidneys and bones and can affect vital functions and produce a drop of our physical and mental performance as well as cause discomfort, mood and emotional, aesthetic changes and others.

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Of course, we should drink enough water, but not only water as such account but as explained in the video, add other liquids and foods to ensure adequate hydration every day.

Furthermore, it is important to consider that excess water or liquids is not advisable, because like everything else, can cause health harms from simple discomfort to more severe problems that can be fatal because of hyponatremia.

So it is advisable to drink two to four liters per day, whereas at higher outdoor temperatures need to drink as well as, if we perform intense exercise that causes great losses sweat.

Tips drinking enough fluids

To keep your fluid intake is deficient and that your body suffers the consequences seen before, you have some tips to help you improve your hydration…

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  • Choose variety of drinks to encourage fluid intake, because here the diversity also matters. You can choose besides water, tea, milk, juice or other.
  • Eating foods rich in water such as yogurts, various fruits and vegetables, especially fresh. This season, some water – rich foods include strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, squash and others.
  • Choose drinks average temperature between 8 and 15 degrees, because this way consumption is greater than when we choose very cold or very hot drinks.
  • Include flavored drinks to stimulate fluid intake can for it, flavor with lemon juice or other fruit a glass of water, for example.

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