What is Love?

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One of the most beautiful expressions of love ever committed to words is found in Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians: “Love is patient, love is kind… it is not self-seeking… but rejoices in the truth… love never fails.”

Love, that feeling of unity and euphoria, is at once mystical and mystifying. It is the very force that sustains our souls, yet it remains, for many, perhaps for most, an elusive concept.

Failing to see the truth, lost and alone – the best most hope for, is to experience but a small taste, an incomplete glimpse, a partial breath of a transcendent, awe-inspiring reality. For love truly is all we need. But, sure we know a better way, we resist the forces that gently cajole us toward our divine inheritance. Ego fixes blame and demands accountability, so we, in error, cling to our own self-righteous lie.

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We search desperately for love in all the wrong places. Believing love is out there, we seek to store up favor so that we might be worthy of having love bestowed upon us. Vainly, arrogantly, mistakenly, we yearn for love with all our being while we fail to empower the surest path to experience that which we desire.

The search for love can end in an instant. You come to experience true love by losing your self – by giving up ego. Love is found in the moment you drop the facade of ego and embrace, even fleetingly, the unfailing truth – all are one.

By growing through a thousand humble steps, rejecting ego and allowing truth, you mature into the majesty that is love. By learning, by sharing and by giving without consideration of ego you unify the whole.

Perfect love is the byproduct of advancing the interests of another. Every meeting of two hearts, every family situation, every work setting, every social circumstance, every chance encounter is an opportunity to create, express and reveal love.

It is in giving that you receive. It is in expressing love that you reap the harvest and celebrate the reunion of once divided souls. Love is an unselfish pursuit that benefits the self like nothing else. Love is found through expressing love – by acting for the good of another – not despite the self. True love is an expression for the other’s good, the expresser’s good – the ultimate good.

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Love is offered and received in simple gestures. Open yourself to spirit and truth by listening to the still small voice. Assume responsibility for all aspects of your life, including love and humbly act on the intentions of spirit. Accept the circumstances you encounter as moving you ever forward toward the goal that spirit intends for you: to realize peace and joy, fulfilled in perfect love.

Love is gentle, love is kind... Love is unwavering in its pursuit of truth. While faith is the acceptance of truth unseen and hope is knowing a future of promise, love binds faith and hope in action. You are in a dynamic world, a reality of constant change and limitless opportunity. Choose to express love, the obligation of your spirit, and in so doing you find your way home.

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