What is the conversational trade and how to use it in your SME?

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The integration of Facebook Messenger and Uber, implementing chats in real time on websites and Apple voice assistant (Siri), Google (Now), Facebook (M) and Microsoft (Cortana) at hand, indicate a clear trend to an increasing use of conversation as a means to conversion.

Chris Messina, which will sound as the inventor of the hashtag, began the year predicting that 2016 will be the year of conversational trade. According to him, this trend is defined as…

The use of chat, messaging or other natural language interfaces (such as voice) to interact with people, brands or services and robots that have so far not had a real place in the context of two-way asynchronous messaging.

While the use of social networks slows down, according to Business Insider they are increasingly users who use monthly messaging applications.

While the conversation has always been through social networks (or at least sought), the search for a customized and integrated shopping experience attention, makes the conversation take more and more importance in trade.

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When my mother said that selling online seemed impersonal, there was misguided. Personalized content not by target audience, but users and their interaction with us, or modeling “Buyer -Person” are nothing more than digital conceptions or an evolution that traditional grocer who knows you as a customer, will advise and It assists you in the time of purchase, or prior to it now.

Conversational Commerce for SMEs

When we talk about such trends, it seems they are only available to large companies willing to spend a percentage of their budget on developments and integrations. However, on a smaller scale, there are tools you can use a small company to start using conversational trade with their customers, and WhatsApp is the first one.

Before leaving Madrid to tour Asia, we used to do the weekly shopping at the neighborhood market. Through WhatsApp we were in contact with the skirt, not only to commission kebabs or burgers and us had prepared, but it herself wrote us and commented on developments had prepared that week and occasionally even got a recipe sent to prepare something bought.

In case you have an eCommerce, a way to start practicing conversational commerce is through the use of chats in real time. For example, the startup offers the possibility to open a chat with visitors to our web, knowing at what point is shopping. So, if we see that you are torn between products, we can help you resolve your concerns, or if we see that is stuck to the method of payment, see where friction is generated.

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In addition to the conversation also want the final conversion, purchase the product or service, is made ​​frictionless. After talking with him and recommend a product can be a bit sharp refers to the website to complete the purchase, so there are already opportunities in the market that integrate payment in your own chat. In the case of Rhombus a platform eCommerce conversational through which users and companies can get in touch with the addition of being able to make payments through the platform without having to send them to another application.

On the other hand, as the virtual assistants move, part of these discussions will be replaced by bots with intelligence to understand and assist the consumer.

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