What to do in New York when it snows? Our guide for the arctic cold

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New York in the snow is a scene straight out of a postcard although cold weather there is much to do in town on a snowy day. Now enjoy it!

New York snow is even more magical, I always thought there is something magical in the snow: the silent streets, all covered with a pure white blanket and when the alarm sounds, almost feel sorry think you have to break that perfectly match your steps to the subway. However, when the snow catches you travel, not everything is so very magical. We know. We had to change plans often because of the winter storms. However, if you are in New York during a snow day, we have a few ideas of what to do in New York when it snows.

Stroll through Central Park

If New York snow looks magical, the only thing better is to walk through Central Park when everything is covered in white. It is one of the few places in town that is saved from dirt that you see in the gray puddles thanks to traffic. Here everything is idyllic and you can wander up using snowshoes or skis. It is also a very fun place for young because they can make a snowman or bring a slide and jump off Pilgrim Hill; the best place to slide in Manhattan located on the east side at 72 just south of Lake Conservatory.

Take a real hot chocolate

It is true that the hot chocolate of the United States is different from that taken other countries. It is less dense and more smooth. For example, I cannot finish my cup of chocolate, while in NYC I do it without problem (especially when it is cold). One of our favorite to take a hot chocolate in New York sites is City Bakery located in 18. They make chocolate, as did our grandmothers with milk and chocolate in a pot on the stove. Then the best: a homemade cloud to finish this cup so sweet. Sure will give strength to return to play a little longer in the snow!

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Have brunch in a Diner

There is no better way to celebrate a day without working with brunch. One could sleep late and the city looks like something out of an urban fairy tale. Now all you want to look at the snow falling while having something nice and comforting. What better than a brunch? Treat yourself to ask for some pancakes or an omelet stuffed with cheese and vegetables along with a cafe diner. (I know … for non-Americans, looks like water … but as an American, I have to defend coffee diners!). It’s a whole New York experience and 100% delicious. My favorite diner? The first thing I discovered when I moved to the Upper West Side in 2004: City Diner at 90 Broadway. Or inquire at your hotel … sure they know the best diner in the area!

Enjoy a museum

If you want to escape the cold, nothing beats a museum. There are many in the city and as easy to get around metro, are usually open even in bad weather. If you ask me my favorite museum, I would have to say the MoMA or MET. They were the first I visited the girl and stay with them. Want something different? I also love the Museum of Moving Image in Queens and Brooklyn Museum of Art. There is something for everyone, so it’s a good choice for the whole family.

Go to the movies

Another option very New Yorker for a snow day is going to the movies. There is something of a snowy day invites you to spend a warm moment with some popcorn and a good movie. Now the question: where should I go to the movies? We have a couple of favorite sites: Angelika Film Center in SoHo usually put independent and foreign films and we like the Lincoln Center Cinema (you have to look good because it is small). Here also they put independent films and VOS and if you want the experience of a great American film, try the Chelsea Bow Tie Cinema.

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center

A dream we have had is all small ice-skating at the famous Rockefeller Center. Although more famous for its Christmas tree, the rink is open from November to April each year. You can even book tickets on internet or you can treat yourself by booking the breakfast or a drink with your ticket for skating. A unique experience is so worth it.

See a show on Broadway

If you like the theater, a snow day is the perfect place to enjoy one of the shows at the moment, “Great White Way.” Sometimes even offer cheaper prices for last minute tickets. There’s nothing like the theater in New York and there is something for everyone, from classic musicals to plays and even more modern as Stomp or a new work in Off Broadway. For me it’s a unique feeling warm out of the theater to the bustling streets of Manhattan and watch the snowflakes falling. It is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Go shopping

It is true that it is snowing outside, but there is no objection to an afternoon of shopping . We love the season after Christmas because there are reductions in almost all stores. If you want to avoid the snow, try the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle or in one of the department stores like Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s. If you have no desire to buy clothes, maybe you are interested in getting lost in one of the libraries and then look for a charming coffee to start your new book. We cannot imagine a better plan for the day.

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A boat tour

It sounds something weird t omar a boat tour or a snowy day cold, but the truth is that the majority of vessels operating tours in New York have a big party is protected. If you stay inside, you can enjoy beautiful views and maybe even have more space, because most people choose to do this activity in the days of good weather. Imagine the views of the city touched by the white snow. Too pretty, right?

Take pictures of the snow

Surely, you have taken several pictures of snow just outside the hotel, but we recommend you to take a while to take pictures of the snow. If you give a long walk through the city with camera and aimlessly, you will end up with unique and precious photos. After all, you can always go into a cafe for a drink and get some heat.

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