What you need to consider, when shopping online?

Shopping online
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Before, buying online was something that to acquire some technological thing. The new iPod I wanted, songs on iTunes, some other object that looked me in Amazon. But the truth is that, for a long time, the Internet has become for me, a whole playground to purchase not only the technology that we like, but all that is fashionable, both clothing and beauty products and personal care.

Sure, and while the broader market, more care should have. While formerly one acquired two or three online brands, we can now buy all. But this does not mean that this process is safe. Many times we brought disappointment, not only because the product we ordered was not what we thought, but because waiting times are longer, there are many imitations and in some cases even scams. That’s why we offer this guide to make your online experience safer and more fun.

Always looks so familiar: This is the most basic, but here not talking only marks, but the sites where you can buy. This will save a lot of headaches when it comes to payment, customer service and even return if the case. You always have to find a store with media verified payment, such as Paypal, webpay and if it is to put your credit card, check well the authenticity of the store. PCMag therefore recommends buying in known sites that do Google searches for “where buy online”, be very careful of writing (many malicious sites change one letter in the names of other stores), domains (people changing for .com .net) and look for sites that have SSL (secure sockets layer) to Go shopping. They point out that you can realize with this because the site starts with https: // (instead of http: //) and icon of a closed padlock that appears at the bottom of your browser or next to the address URL. And speaking of returns, perhaps it is difficult when shopping at established stores like Amazon, OldNavy, Victoria ‘s Secret or any other American store (where they have super easy return process, but if you live in the US), local shops there is enough information about what you’re purchasing, payment and returns if irrelevant.

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Read reviews and opinions in forums: It is true that there is a saying that “beauty is in the eye of the look” but the comments of your friends can help you get a better opinion about a product. Especially when we want to try any cream, color or fragrance to which we are not accustomed. Asked about their views, what they thought about the product and the site where they bought, this will give you a good idea of what you’re getting. Another thing is to read the reviews and negative comments. It is not to discourage you, but there can also realize the other side of the coin.

Check offers and expiration dates: When we buy beauty products or supplements have to look at the expiration dates. As explains that creams and makeup are due, so you have to be aware of the date, because it is a sadness buy something then not be able to give you proper use. If you look at the products iHerb, you will see the expiration date. And when you find an amazing deal (say something that is two or three times below its value) thinks it is too good to be true and that maybe the product has left little life. Better to pay full price but enjoy it longer.

Look for seals of authenticity: If you are looking for products with certain characteristics, such as gluten free, they are not tested on animals or completely organic, must be (more) pending when making a purchase. It is very easy for example, writing in the description of a cream “was not tested on animals” or put the logo bunny fraudulently, but to know for sure you look at some database like this to keep you safe. If you want to know if the product you buy is completely organic, must be stamped made with 100% organic ingredients that is the hallmark ensures that all ingredients are organic.

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Last point we recommend you to be attentive to imitations and always remember that of “it’s too good to be true”. There are sites where you can find incredible on star savings, as Alibabaexpress and even on Ebay, but often sell imitation products. And when you buy clothes, you have to be attentive to the quality of the fabric and sizes, because the sizes are much smaller than normal, especially with Chinese- products. And not bad to buy an imitation of something fashionable and use it now, but when we talk about creams, makeup or supplements, it is best to go for brands.

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