What you should understand about the process of life?

The process of life
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It is that your personal and relationship problems are always perpetual conflicts that often, the solution is separation or control over the other?

Do you think your life is summed to solve problems in pain and suffering?

Do you see that the same problems are repeated continuously despite a large increase in professionals in that field? 

You are not alone in that situation!

If you live personal and relationship problems, then say to yourself, well you is not alone in this situation and most people seem to you and also make appearances hiding to appear.

However, that dishonesty cannot go on forever and in many cases, the situation worsens and exploits to end in separation or other dreadful consequences.

Therefore, how many times have we heard people say they had ever thought about your partner separate, because “they loved so much and looked happy together”!

Fortunately, there is something very different that could bring a new consciousness in total freedom in order to address their problems with more hope and confidence.

How do, it is an obvious error as a solution to a personal problem and relationship

Personal and relationship problems have their source in the states of being in relation with others, then the solution is also in the states of being, no matter what you do then.

Whenever you have a problem, you look for a solution habit to do, you search “how to”.

Not as well as we have all been educated? Doing is the center of our lives, as if we were “human doings” rather than “human beings” …

That’s an unconscious reaction is to forget their feelings and emotions, i.e. you are not important, only what you do to get noticed among others.

You do not love and then you need others to be loved, to be appreciated, in order to compensate for their selflessness. You are dependent, no matter what you think about it.

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How to be before you? Here was the solution to our problems, all our problems!

If you can become aware that when you have a problem, all that is lived by their uncomfortable feelings, it ie their beingness.

As a result, if you solve their problems starting with “how to be” before making before creating something, then your decision will be based on their own truths and conscious choice.

Observe, accept, understand and decide their choice to be no escape from it, nor judge, nor deny.

That is a conscious action that is not to forget their feelings or states of being, ie that you are important.

That you love and then you will not need the love of others to love him, appreciate it. You are free!

No need people or people love does not mean having no desires. Desire is a preference while the need is an obligation.

What you choose as a solution to personal problems or relationship?

Observe these two situations without trial and that will open the door of his consciousness, because in the absence of choice i.e. dependency, you cannot know freedom. It is accepting and dependence that freedom can be understanding.

How to see the importance of others when you are not aware of their own importance? There is the basis of their personal problems and relationship, all your problems.

You are not aware of your feelings and then you may not be aware of the feelings of others.

When you notice your bad feelings or your problem from a reality and that you are attentive, then you have a present you about truth, a state of being. You can believe in the reality, but their feeling is true at every moment.

You cannot believe in your feelings, but you may have forgotten. This forgetfulness comes from people born before you, that they in turn were not aware of their feelings.

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When you accept your bad feeling or your problem and you do nothing about it , then it comes to an end because it is temporary and comes into being, a new state of being calm in you, which is conducive to understand the situation and not learned habit, deny or run away from it for fear of not staying with his truth and thus fully understand.

Who created your problem?

When you understand that your problem or bad feeling has been created by you through a process of unconscious creation of their states of being in the past only putting importance on the ‘do’, then you know that is the creator, responsible.

And when you are responsible, you have the power to decide to change your life.

However, if you believe that it is not responsible, you merely more firmly implement the same problem in their unconsciousness and thus accuse others. You resist and consequently gives life to your problem.

It is giving, that is, by the acceptance and understanding, you are released from that domain.

What you choose to do now?

When you decide from a state of being conscious (see, accept, understand) and not forgetting a state of being (believe, deny, judge), then you are grateful in advance, as this offers the possibility of freely choose the direction or goal that you want to give this situation to that problem and create the reality you imagine yourself to be, do and have.

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