When getting a contract is an odyssey

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Having a labor contract is a normal gesture that should not be news. But during these years of economic crisis, many workers who have seen how they should pray for contract work within what the laws dictate.

Little a person makes me commented that he had begun to work and contract procedures had been streamlined, in a few days everything was ready. The news is not that fact but her tone almost of surprise so unusual that it had been that in his experience in recent years.

Although we are aware of the obstacles that have a small business to cope with so many payments, it is natural that the other party is aware of these limitations before starting a job.

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Because starting a business involves risks and obligations and if they are not taken into account by the manager, not only will be hurting him but a worker who expects to receive a logic pay for its obligations, and they pass by having a contract reflects the accuracy of the hours invested in their jobs.

Increasingly contracts that reflect a few hours of work and which do not correspond with reality. A worker in such circumstances sooner or later will opt for any of these outputs:

  1. Report
  2. Leave
  3. Report and go

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What negative and realistic about this situation? The need to have an income to make ends meet valuable means that many workers see their rights unreasoning addition to their self – esteem.

So it is not surprising that someone contemplating an employment contract as if it were a treasure of great value, especially when the hours he devoted to the company actually appear.

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