When you answer NO?

Say NO
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Have you ever said no? Does this sound familiar? No for an answer, it leads certainly an odd time and even makes you wonder for a second if you are right or wrong. Throughout life we face situations or people you have to deal for answers to meet our needs, but not always get what we want to feel better, or an Yes. However, if everything in life were so it may not have much sense to fight for things, our motivations and thus perhaps even a negative response we generate a reflection to improve and not worsen.

You may even have the chance to be reborn from the ashes with new expectations that again face new times of uncertainty where possibly by previous answers we are better prepared to try again. Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes low and sometimes climbs but there are always moments of balance, so do not be discouraged and get back on its feet.

Not the same hear no for an answer that one cannot, because the fact that you say no, need not be so annoying, actually serves to analyze because that person could tell us not to our question, proposal or project . It is also within the possibilities that everyone has a different perception of things and what for some is not for others is a yes. If we are all so different, why will you not give to someone to tell you?

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Surely that we will have seen ever, when you proposed something a person rejected yet another seemed a great idea. This happens a lot when we aspire to such a job. We prepare, we imagine and when we got to the interview took little to leave, because we know we will not be candidates, but of course … Did the other candidate does better? What does that person do not have? Nothing! The other had the same fears as you that are what you have in common. However, the question would be better perhaps would not get another chance? Yes and that is what matters.

Actually not so present in our lives as YES, but as we always look at the worst of our stuff. Do not worry if you receive many negative responses, remember that many people in history went through that experience and possibly those who underestimated them threw their hair out say no, or maybe not and they rejoiced even know it was just that person had nearby.

We all have many skills and one very important thing knows how to extract something positive from something negative. There is no better or no worse, life is no competition and in any cases no desire or loses anything, but if you learn, it is something that will serve you for your own personal growth.

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Also, do not forget that once you have also possibly answered NO to others and that does not mean that you do not value those people. Everyone, absolutely valid because we can all contribute something, and if you do not find who or what to contribute it is not because you deserve it, it just was not the time. Subtract importance and begins again to find your way. In addition, when someone answer a yes, the same is you who tell her NOW NO.

I am so thankful for being told ‘NO’. Thanks to them, I did it myself.

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