When you dismiss a business idea?

Dismiss a business idea
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When we start a project we are at the same distance on the success of failure. The bad thing is that failure comes after investing our effort, enthusiasm and money.

The worst thing is that a prior, cannot know what will be a success and a failure, therefore, devote time to our idea so we can make a first assessment of its viability is inevitable.

If you already know your idea and have made the appropriate market research, you have monitored the experience of the sector and have created a business plan and have many doubts, perhaps not the time for launch.

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Signals to dismiss an idea

  • No plan

You can have an acceptable idea, the best product but do not have quality in your goals. If you do not know where you’re going you cannot know where you want to go. This conveys mistrust and can be interpreted as lack of professionalism.

  • Do not support

If this happens it might be for the above reason or because you do not understand your business or simply ensconces the market that you want to access because you have not analyzed the market or your commodores.

  • Over exploited

Like you see clearly but you want to get into an over saturated market supply. If there business competitors it is what the problem is overcome entry barriers to be a player more.

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  • Not know the sector

Is the typical mistake to enter a market that is unknown? Note that if your case, be sure that evil will negotiate with your suppliers, will fail to hire your employees and, of course, dissatisfied customers will rain down.

Before dismissing an idea you should ask yourself well if you understand your proposal, otherwise you will not be able to explain it. If you know the market to be able to reach him and introduce. If you are able to quantify the resources required and the return you’ll get and how long.

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